Stop British bombs
falling on Yemen

Schools, homes, hospitals, food supplies. Destroyed by air strikes in Yemen. A staggering 18.8 million people need help. Almost half a million children need treatment for severe acute malnutrition. Some of the bombs that have fallen are made right here, on British soil. It's not just immoral: we believe that selling arms for use in Yemen is illegal. It's time to show the government that we draw the line.

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We must show the UK government that we won't stand by while people suffer and the humanitarian crisis deepens. They have an obligation to protect people caught up in conflict. You can make sure they don’t forget it.

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Do more: Write a letter to your MP

Thousands of you have been speaking out and writing letters to your MPs, urging them to help stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia for use in Yemen. Now more than 60 MPs have backed the campaign and put their names to our public statement on Yemen. It's not too late to get your MP on board.

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