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A women's group give their feedback to Oxfam water expert Iffat in Bangladesh

Women and girls are leading on safety and dignity in this refugee camp

Life in a Rohingya refugee camp "I’ve been here since the very worst times. When hundreds of Rohingya refugees were arriving every day," says Iffat...
3 minute read
Nutritional monitoring, Corredor Seco, Guatemala

In 2020, being a parent means being a climate survivor too

Raising children is tough in most circumstances. From the moment of birth, someone is entirely dependent on you for their most basic needs: food,...
6 minute read
Kholduroy in Tajikistan

A triple-locked security box means thousands of women can grow, earn, learn and live

Women’s savings groups in rural communities in Tajikistan help women get loans to pay for repairs, land and more. For rural communities in...
1 minute read

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