Ever feel powerless when you read stories about big business dodging tax, hiding accounts and getting away with it all over and over again? Us too. 

But more and more lately people across the world are speaking out about tax and transparency. They’re demanding that corporations pay their fair share of tax, and are open and honest about how much money they make, and where it goes. 

This is where laws come in. With the best will in the world, big companies aren’t necessarily going to do this on their own. Some might; but all need to. 

In the recent budget the Chancellor made some positive noises about tax dodging, but we think he can do much better with the right inspiration. We want him to tighten up the rules on transparency, for example, so that UK companies have to fess up to their tax operations in developing countries as well as here in Britain.

Right now, there are British companies operating in some of the poorest countries in the world paying less tax than local market traders because no one is holding them to account. They know they can get away with it. 

We don’t think that’s right or fair. 

This action sends an email from you to your MP asking them to speak up in Parliament and insist on amendments to the Finance Bill – the legislative result of the budget – so that tax dodging is effectively tackled and transparency is demanded. 

We’re standing up for ordinary people in countries, rich and poor, who pay their tax every year and expect to get proper services in return. Why should big business be any different? 

Take action now!

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