The IF campaign is not only reaching out to millions of people who go to bed hungry every night in developing countries but it’s reaching the far corners of Britain such as Skipton, where Craven held an IF event in the Trinity Methodist Church. The campaign aim is a simple one – enough food for everyone – IF we spread the word, IF we work together.

When I entered the church I was surprised and delighted to see so many other people spending their Saturday to support efforts to end world hunger

Alex Jones from Christian Aid opened the proceedings and delivered an eloquent and moving speech about the issues of poverty, hunger and aid in global south. This was followed by two workshop sessions, divided by a lunch break. The first one I attended was about Aid and was led by David Howlett from DFID and Oxfam’s Ian Falkingham.

The next workshop was led by Alex Jones about how big corporate companies dodge their taxes in tax havens. Then a guest speaker from Bolivia, Cecilia Cordova from Christian Aid shared her experiences of development work in Bolivia.

(photo credit: Andy Hall)

The event ended with Wangari’s story of planting trees and singing the song of Wangari, an inspiring example of how one’s passion, vision and purpose can change the world. Similarly, IF campaigners are hoping to inspire the G8 world leaders and we need to keep the momentums going.

If you are seasoned campaigner, a beginner or simply feel that the world has got enough food then come along and join us in our event in London on the 8 June.

We need to tell the world and G8 leaders that all those two million children who are dying because of hunger every year can be saved IF the big companies avoid Tax Dodging.

Join us to ask David Cameron to sign a global deal to share tax information and stop Tax Dodging.

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