So guess who was spotted in Northern Ireland yesterday? Yes you guessed correctly – the G8. Here they are trying to hitch a lift to Enniskillen, one of the most westerly towns of the UK. 

We will be keeping the pressure on in this final week before the talks stats on 17 June – there’s lots happening between now and then…

AGIT8, fellow member of the IF campaign, have launched a site inspiring people to campaign against hunger through protest music across the ages. 

Bill Nighy and Tax dodging
Bill Nighy, long time Oxfam ambassador, wants David Cameron to tackle the causes of hunger by taking action to stop tax dodgers – you can join him here 

15 June – Big IF BELFAST
SOLD OUT – sorry. It’s looks like it’s going to be an amazing day at the Belfast Botanical Gardens – inspiring speakers and plenty of shouting at the G8 to take action. 

17-18 June – The G8 itself –  Media, media, media
We will be running stunts, talking to delegates and presenting the G8 with all the petitions. Generally, applying the final pressure on the G8 to take action on hunger.

We’ll let you know about the results from the G8 afterwards – but please keep an eye on facebook and twitter to see if there is anything last minute you can help with.

Thanks for all your support

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