Little did I know when I woke up on Saturday morning that I would be so moved and inspired by the Big IF London. I knew it was going to be a good day, but it was spectacular beyond what I had imagined.

The day was packed full of activities, talks, music, giant petitions and loads of celebs and campaigners, all demanding the G8 take decisive action on hunger. And they heard us. At the hunger summit happening down the road, world leaders committed to funding plans that will save the lives of almost two million children who would otherwise die from malnutrition.

So thank you to everyone who has supported the IF Campaign and Oxfam. Without your pressure this wouldn’t have happened – and we wouldn’t have had such an amazing day. But it doesn’t stop here. We need to keep pressure on David Cameron as the chair of the G8 this year – why not join me and send him a tweet to remind him we are still watching. Tweet @David_Cameron with the hashtags #BigIF #G8 and let him know why you want him to tackle the causes of hunger.

I feel so more motivated after going to the Big IF. There were so many inspiring speeches given from IF campaigners and people like David Harewood, Bill Gates, Lauren Lavern and Myleene Klass, as well as my personal highlight, Danny Boyle:

“Anyone who says that we can’t crack the hunger crisis is wrong… We expect our government and other world leaders to fight with all the energy and cunning and determination of Chris Hoy and Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis and Bradley Wiggins – to fight and fight and fight to end hunger until they win… Yes, it’s complicated, but that doesn’t mean it’s unachievable” 

There were so many other highlights, it’s hard to know where to start. There was the Oxfam area where we auctioned off Hyde Park to show how land is being grabbed from vulnerable farmers across the world. There was the Cafe IF space with talks and debate on the key IF issues. There was the Kids space where they spray painted IFs and learnt about food. And there was the youtube and bloggers lounge with Charlie McDonnell and so much more. 

And throughout it all, the sun shone down. Everybody smiled. Everybody listened. And everybody showed our politicians that things have to change.

The main memory I am taking away with me is the giant petition of spinning flowers. They represented the millions of children who die every year because of malnutrition. It was an amazingly powerful reminder of why we were there, to fight the cruel injustice of hunger.


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