The vote in Parliament last week on military intervention in Syria showed us how powerful the British Parliament can be and what a difference just one vote can make to  political decisions that impact on people’s lives. Being able to work with MPs, understanding their world and their constraints, is key for a successful campaign. 

Since I joined Oxfam’s Constituency Campaigner Programme, I feel able to play my part in influencing the decision makers so that we work towards that long desired change.  I have written letters to my local MP Hilary Benn asking him to support farmers in Africa by ending Land Grabs, I have highlighted the plight of Syrian Refugees to the Rt Hon Vince Cable, questioned John Leech MP on sending arms to the conflict and shared my personal experiences of being a Constituency Campaigner through my blogs.

Oxfam’s Constituency Campaigner role is a specialized volunteer role but that does not mean you have to be an expert in politics to take it up. If you are passionate and feel committed to campaigning for a better, fairer world, this role is tailor-made for you. The training sessions, support materials and the chance to meet  an amazing group of existing constituency campaigners will not only help you brush up your political lobbying
skills but will give you a chance to make new friends as well.

The role needs not hamper your busy life – spend just a couple of hours a week and you can be part of the change. The training opportunity will help you to interact with Oxfam staff and learn from their experiences. You can be as creative as you like in designing your campaigning activities but mostly constituency campaigners lobby their MPs, engage them on Twitter/Facebook, write letters to them or help organise public events involving political representation.

Poverty, hunger, inequality and conflict are affecting our world  Facing these challenges, we have to question ourselves; how can we work towards a better future?  Part of the solution lies with decision makers, but we are the ones who must convince them to act.  Constituency campaigners working together really do make a difference. 

Find out more here or contact Diane Porter on 0161 2342792 or at  To apply go to 

Interviews will be by telephone.  Successful applicants will be required to attend a day of induction training on Saturday the 19 October in Manchester.

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