The festival season is winding down- but Ramsbottom Festival is fast approaching and we need your help to make it extra special for Syria: find out here from our Kristie Thacker how. 

The number of Syrian refugees is set to nearly double to 3.5 million by the end of the year, the UN announced in June. As a consequence, Oxfam sprung into action with this years festivals campaign #LoveSyria, set to reflect the worsening plight of those displaced by the fighting.

Despite the sobering message behind the campaign, Love Syria was perfect in engaging festival-goers young and old. I was lucky enough to be chosen to volunteer with Oxfam as one of the 54 campaigners at Glastonbury festival, and see first hand the effects that people power can have.

Our main focus was a petition to secure the unbridled access of foreign aid over the Syrian border, at the forthcoming UN conference in Geneva, as well as peace talks for a peaceful, rather than a military end to the conflict; and simply more humanitarian aid as the crisis worsens.

As part of a truly impassioned team, we took this message to the crowds; Our instruments in hand, including our Love Syria ink pads, we talked and stamped to our heart’s content. We also pitched a ‘love wall’, which during the festival, filled with messages of solidarity for the Syrian people.

If there was one thing to take from this experience, it would be the conversations I had with festival-goers over the four days. Through all of this we secured 12,000 names, which combined with those gathered over the festival season, will go one more step towards establishing peace.


Campaigning with Oxfam is a really fun and rewarding experience; if you would like to get involved and campaign with Oxfam, spaces are now available to campaign at Ramsbottom festival from 13-15th September.


You’ll be talking to festival-goers onsite and encouraging them to take part in creative and thought-provoking activities. Volunteers are expected to complete 3 x 6 hour shifts in return for admission to the 3-day festival. This is a great way to meet like-minded people and experience festivals in a new way.


Contact for further information.


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