Planning on checking Facebook or Twitter today? Then keep reading for a chance to take part in some social (media) disobedience! 

Associated British Foods (ABF) are a huge company. They own some of the most recognisable UK brands, from Primark to Twinings. But they’re not very well known, and don’t respond to the same kind of pressure we’ve been able to leverage to get Coke and Pepsi around the negotiating table. 

ABF: A New Hope 

So, we’re changing tack. In order to get ABF to adopt a zero tolerance policy to land grabs, we want their public facing brands, like Twinings, to tell them they’re in hot water. Fair warning: we also want to write some terrible puns. 

48 hours of action 

For the next 48 hours, we need you to join us in getting the message across to some of the biggest brands in Britain. To take part, all you’ve got to do is get posting on the Facebook walls and Twitter feeds of these companies, asking them, in turn, to tell their parent company we mean business.

What are land grabs?

This is when poor communities are kicked off their land to make way for big corporations who often grow cash crops, like sugar cane. It’s happening worldwide, from Cambodia to Uganda to Brazil, and one way we can stop it is by companies demanding better of their suppliers with strong policies showing zero tolerance to land grabbing in any form.


The world’s biggest sugar buyer, Coca-Cola agreed to change their policies earlier this month. Now it’s time for ABF to get with our programme!



Tweet one of ABF’s biggest brands. You can edit the message before you send:


Copy this message and click your brand of choice, then post to their wall:

@TwiningsTeaUK it’s time to tell your parent company, Associated British Foods, to adopt a zero-tolerance policy on land grabs

A few tips

  • You don’t have to bother just one company – the more, the better! 
  • When you post, @name some friends so they can take part too.
  • Please keep things polite – rude messages are likely to be ignored.
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