In a landmark agreement, today Coca-Cola announced that they’d listened to the 225,000 people who asked them to make sure the sugar they buy isn’t produced on land grabbed from some of the world’s poorest communities.

What have Coke pledged?

ZERO TOLERANCE TO LAND GRABS: Coke has committed its vast global operations -including suppliers – to ensure that land will not be bought or rented without the full agreement of the people who live and farm there. This is called “free, prior and informed consent” and should guarantee a fair deal for local communities. 

RESOLUTION OF DISPUTES: Coke will engage with suppliers on the cases highlighted by our Sugar Rush report and use its influence to ensure that the concerns of communities are addressed. 

TRANSPARENCY: Coke will disclose the top three countries and suppliers of its cane sugar so in future it will be simpler to track any land disputes to the source. 

INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION: An independent third party will assess Coke’s environmental impact and human rights compliance in countries at particularly high risk for land grabs, to show areas which need further improvement. 

GLOBAL LAND JUSTICE: Coca-Cola will engage with governments and international bodies to support responsible land rights practices. 

Monitoring Coke’s improvements

We’ll be closely tracking Coca-Cola to make sure they follow through on these promises, particularly in partnership with the communities in Brazil and Cambodia who are still struggling to regain their land rights. 

Watch this space for updates, and in the meantime check out Coca-Cola’s official announcement or read Oxfam’s analysis on Coke’s commitments.

How did we make this happen?

  • Oxfam advocated for the land rights of poor communities with contacts at Coke HQ 
  • Hundreds of thousands of global activists signed the petition demanding zero tolerance on land grabs 
  • Stunts at Coke offices around the world, at Coke stands at UK university job fairs and at Oxjam gigs got the message across to employees and students 
  • Social media buzzed with Behind the Brands – since the launch of the campaign, an incredible 51% of tweets mentioning @CocaColaCo originated from Oxfam supporters. 

What’s next?

Apart from thanking every single activist for their amazing efforts? (Thank you!) Well, now that Coke have agreed to zero tolerance on land grabs in their supply chain, it’s time for their biggest rival, Pepsi, to step up. 

Email Pepsi now and be part of the next success.

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