A group of Oxfam supporters is outside Associated British Foods’ Annual General Meeting this morning. We’re asking ABF to introduce new policies, applied across its operations and supply chains, which make sure it’s not involved in Land Grabs.

Too often, poor farmers are thrown off their land to make way for companies to grow commodities like sugar, palm oil and soy.

Oxfam has seen first-hand how this can leave families without their main source of food and income.

This is a problem that major food companies, like Associated British Foods (ABF), can help prevent.

Hundreds of thousands of Oxfam supporters have joined our campaign, launched in October, attempting to grab the attention of this global food giant which owns household brands including Twinings, Primark, Kingsmill and Ovaltine.

Today, we are speaking with ABF shareholders on their way in to the AGM. And, two Oxfam supporters who are also ABF shareholders are attending the AGM to directly ask the company about its land policies.

By speaking out at the company’s AGM today, we’re hopeful that ABF will begin to address this growing problem.

Please support the campaign online today on Twitter, and by signing our petition.

Here’s the leaflet we’re giving out to ABF shareholders this morning:

ABF leaflet

ABF leaflet

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