Women’s savings groups in rural communities in Tajikistan help women get loans to pay for repairs, land and more.

For rural communities in Tajikistan, access to traditional banking methods is limited. There are no affordable financial services, the documents required are very complicated, and business loans come with up to 30% interest – this makes it near impossible for people to start up small businesses. They often have to rely on borrowing money from family and friends.

Oxfam has been working with villages in Tajikistan to set up women’s savings groups to help solve this problem. Each member pays between 5 – 50 Somoni (40p – £4.00) a month. The money is kept in a secure box which has three locks. Three members look after a key, so it cannot be opened unless they are all present.

Women can then get loans from the group to use to pay for repairs, land, small business needs, and even weddings.

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