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Fee Gilfeather from Oxfam’s Trading Team explains, “When we took the decision to temporarily close our shops to protect our volunteers, staff and customers, there were some unsold food products that were coming up to their sell by dates, including Easter eggs. We encouraged our shop managers to donate these to local food banks, NHS workers and others affected by the Coronavirus crisis.”

Fee Gilfeather with Divine Easter eggs

Image: Fee Gilfeather

“One of our volunteers kindly took our Easter eggs to the nurses at Worcester Royal Infirmary to say thank you for all their amazing work.”

Julie Skipp, shop manager, Oxfam Worcester

“They were really pleased, and we hope it keeps them going on their long shifts and that they all stay safe.”

Fairtrade Divine chocolate eggs in the garden

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“We gave the Easter eggs and some fudge to the local food bank in Keynsham”

Verity Budd, Oxfam shop manager, Keynsham.

“They were very pleased. They are having a bit of a tough time though as they have to move out of the local school where they kept everything.”

“We gave some of the eggs to our volunteers who had helped us so much since we opened last Autumn and then the rest plus other perishable food from our café went to the Oxford Food Bank”

Julie Neeve, Oxfam Superstore manager, Oxford.

“It was a really lovely thing to be able to do”

Katie Johnstone, Oxfam shop manager, Glasgow.

“We dropped our Easter eggs off at Waitrose for their foodbank collection point (which I think serves Glasgow North West Foodbank) and the thank you I got from the staff there almost made me cry – I was feeling a bit emotional anyway!”

“My friend works for Southampton General Hospital and was asking for food donations for staff, so we gave them a couple of large bags filled with chocolate eggs”

Leigh Warren, Oxfam shop manager, Winchester.

“We were delighted we could do something to give people in our local communities a much-needed boost. And provide a small thank you for supporting us over the years”

Our team of volunteers There are 20,000 Oxfam shop volunteers. Each shop typically relies on a team of 30 dedicated volunteers supported by one or two staff. In the last financial year, Oxfam shops raised £17.3 million – contributing £1.4m a month to the organisation’s work tackling poverty and helping people survive humanitarian crises. We recently made the heart-breaking decision to close our shops in order to keep our volunteers, customers and staff safe.

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