Need some good news? After nine months cycling around the world, the incredible Cat and Raz smashed the WORLD RECORD for the fastest people to circumnavigate the globe on a tandem bicycle – all to raise vital funds for Oxfam and the MND Association.


Cat and Raz talking to Oxfam before breaking the world record

Cat and Raz, two amazing Oxfam supporters, have completed their world record attempt to become the fastest women to circumnavigate the world on a tandem.

Five continents, 25 countries, 264 days

Over nine months, the pair cycled across five continents and 25 countries all to raise money for the MND Association and Oxfam. Their goal was to raise £1 per mile – but amazingly, they ended up raising over £35,000!

The two incredible women arrived safely back in Oxford at 5pm on the 18th March 2020 – despite fears they wouldn’t be able to get back in to the country because of the coronavirus outbreak – successfully completing their 18,000-mile tandem bike ride in just 264 days.

Of course, the journey wasn’t without its challenges. Cat and Raz faced the bushfires in Australia and monsoons in India, finally finding themselves in France as it was locking down due to the corona outbreak.

“We have experienced extreme heat, monsoon, drought, cold and seen environmental pollution and climate change on a scary scale – but we have also experienced the incredible beauty of our world and the kindness and generosity of people,” said Cat.

The last leg

The trip ended in a mad dash for the penultimate passenger ferry out of France on Tuesday night before cycling the last 126 hilly kilometres from Portsmouth to Oxford on Wednesday.

Despite the challenges, Cat and Raz smashed both of their goals, making unforgettable memories along the way, including an inspirational visit to Oxfam India. “We’ve met the Oxfam team here and we’ve been talking about the phenomenal work they’ve been doing, and it’s been truly inspirational,” said Cat.

“1 in 3 women in India experience some sort of abuse and what [Oxfam are] doing is to create safe spaces and police stations. They can rehouse and rehome people as well if necessary and that’s quite extraordinary I think.” – Raz

“And the climate change work that [Oxfam have] been doing. They’ve seen an increasing number of floods, cyclones, landslides and they deploy teams to make sure people have somewhere to stay and live and that they’ve also got clean water. We saw, travelling around India, lots of the impact of the flooding… and the monsoons have gone on much longer and they’re saying that is really changing the climate here and they’re really working towards trying to alleviate some of that,” said Cat.

Cat and Raz kept a blog and video journal during their journey where you can take a look back at their journey.

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