Just a few weeks after shoppers like you and me asked Aldi to protect the people who produce its food, the supermarket published a brand new human rights policy.

This is a great start, but now we need to see Aldi turn its commitment into concrete action.

I recently visited the Aldi store where I do my shopping and gave a letter to the manager, explaining my concerns. My store manager was really friendly, interested to hear about the campaign and promised to pass my letter on to her management.

Could you take this letter to your local Aldi store?

It’s really important that Aldi hear from their customers and know we care about these issues. Only then will they feel the pressure to act.

In the next month, Aldi is agreeing prices for the next year with banana suppliers in Latin America, and it is reportedly attempting to push the price of an already cheap fruit even lower. This would threaten the ability of small-scale farmers, workers and their families to work their way out of poverty.

Will you join me and hand in this letter to your Aldi store manager?

Aldi have clearly sat up and started to listen. They now need to be reminded, by their customers, of the positive impact they could have in tackling poverty.

The banana case is just one example of how Aldi’s policies and actions affect the people who grow our food.

Whilst we’ve still got Aldi’s attention, please take this letter and hand it to your local store manager – urging the supermarket to put its human rights policy into practice and show us how and when it’s taking action. This doesn’t need to be scary. After all, you’re just a loyal customer who wants to raise your concerns.

Thank you for showing Aldi that its customers care and that people power can help beat poverty.

The map below shows where Oxfam supporters have pledged to hand a letter in at their local Aldi store. If your local store isn’t covered then please email campaigns@oxfam.org.uk and we’ll add you to the map.

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