After months of Oxfam supporters, volunteers and staff campaigning, global supermarket chain Lidl has published a new human rights policy to protect the people who produce our food.

Thank you to all our supporters who helped make this happen.

From checkout staff to fruit pickers, now more than ever we need to protect and support the food workers who are risking their lives to keep food on our plates. Here’s how you and other supporters helped make change happen:

1. You stood with food workers and producers

Oxfam campaigners dressed as giant fruits and veg with a petition

Image: Rebecca Lonsdale/Oxfam

Oxfam ranked the human rights policies and practices of 6 major UK supermarkets. Lidl scored lowest with 9%. With your help, Oxfam launched a petition which 20,000 of you signed.

2. You talked to our giant fruit & veg

Supporters holding messages of support

Or maybe you even dressed up as one. Campaigners dressed as giant fruits and vegetables toured the country listening to shoppers and why they care about food workers and producers. Here are some of your messages.

3.You answered our poll

Oxfam Lidl poll

As the campaign toured the country, we polled Lidl shoppers to see what issues mattered to you. Your responses overwhelmingly showed that you want Lidl to ensure workers are paid fairly.

4. You joined forces with our sister campaigns

By taking part in the UK, you became part of our international campaign, joining shoppers in the Netherlands and Germany to show you care.
What does this mean for workers?

Lidl’s new human rights policy includes three key commitments to:

  • Ensure fair and equal treatment of women
  • Take more effective action against worker exploitation
  • To increase transparency throughout their supply chain

You can read more about these changes on our in-depth blog post. Thank you again to all our supporters who made their voice heard and to help end suffering and poverty for food workers.

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