Oxfam campaigners made their own climate crisis wristbands at one of our campaigner action days. If you haven’t already, you can join our campaign network.

People like you are showing solidarity with those standing on the front lines of our climate crisis. The climate emergency is impacting the poorest people on the planet right now – extreme and unpredictable weather is devastating lives.

You can do your bit to rewear, reuse and recycle, share stories from those on the front lines of climate change, like Shukri, and start conversations about the climate crisis. 

We have just 11 years to drastically limit the impact of the climate crisis on the planet, and the people living on it. There is hope. A global groundswell of people are speaking up and demanding urgent action is taken. Many of these voices are coming from those already facing the devastating impact of the crisis. So, let’s all join forces, and come together in solidarity with the people who are suffering the most.

Wristbands are a great conversation starter, especially if they’re colourful and unique and displaying a message you feel passionate about. And using old material to make your own wristband is quick and easy.

To make your own wristband you will need:

• An old ripped t-shirt or bed sheet that’s no longer usable/ wearable
• A pair of scissors
• Some colourful pens
• Your climate crisis message

Step 1: Cut your band

If you’ve got an old t-shirt that’s starting to rip, or bed sheet that’s getting too old, you can use it to make your recycled cloth wristband.
With a pair of scissors, carefully cut across the hem on the bottom of the t-shirt or sheet and then cut along the side of the hem, creating a strip around 1.5cm wide. Keep cutting along the hem until you have a strip around 40cm long.

reusing material to make a wristband

Step 2: Decide on your message

You’ll only be able to fit a few key words or a short phrase on your wristband, so you’ll need to choose something brief that demonstrates that you’re standing in solidarity with those on the front line of the climate crisis. You could refer to ‘climate chaos’, ‘climate justice’ or our latest hashtag ‘#WhoTakesTheHeat’

Step 3: Get writing

You might want to write out your message on a piece of paper first to check it will fit onto the wristband.
Pulling the wristband tight with one hand, write on your new slogan with the other in whatever style you fancy. Get creative!
For my wristband I’ve written the main text with a marker pen, then added shadow with a fine-tipped pen to make it stand out.

Wristband with climate justice written on it

Step 4: Tie your wristband and start a conversation!

climate crisis wristbands

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