Cowley Road Oxfam Shop in Oxford

Image: Rachel Manns/Oxfam

When will shops be reopening?

We are reopening our high street shops in phases and now have more than 500 shops open across England, Scotland and Wales, with more planned to re-open in the coming weeks.

You can see a list of the shops that are reopening here.

There will be some changes to ensure a safe shopping environment. Social distancing, for staff, volunteers and shoppers, will be in place and we will be cleaning even more than usual. Donated items will also be isolated for 48 hours before appearing on the shop floor.

Our retail team are working hard on the exact list of which shops will open when and we’ll let you know as soon as we can so, please, check back here, or follow our social media channels, for details.

While our customers wait for their local stores to reopen, the Oxfam Online Shop is already back up-and-running. Oxfam’s donation banks remain closed and the charity is working on ways to reopen them as soon as possible.

Will donations be accepted?

Who hasn’t had a lockdown clear out?! We know many of you have lots of lovely donations for us, to help raise money for our important work. Shops will be accepting donations soon after they open but, as items will need to be stored for 48 hours before volunteers can process them, storage space may be limited so we have some tips for you to help your local team keep safe and make the most of your generous donations.

1. Clean things. Wherever possible, put clothes and textiles through the washing machine and wipe down solid surfaces

2. Have a think about what items we can sell. Ask yourself, “Would someone I know buy this?” If the answer is “Yes”, we’d love to receive it.

3. Call ahead when you’re ready to donate, to check the best time for your local shop.

4. Stagger your donations, rather than bringing everything at once. We appreciate not everyone has lots of storage space and we’d be delighted to help clear your clutter from your home whenever the time is right and remember to bring your donations in bags or boxes which you don’t want back.

5. Remember to Gift Aid your donation, this scheme allows charities to claim 25% extra on the sale of your donations. With Oxfam’s Tag Your Bag scheme we will also let you know how much money your items have raised for our work which includes supporting people facing coronavirus around the world so don’t forget to Tag Your Bag!

Have you considered being a shop volunteer?

Volunteers at Oxfam Emporium, Manchester

Image: Kieran Doherty

Each shop typically relies on a team of 30 volunteers, alongside one or two staff members, to be open for business.

The recent crisis has meant that some of our regular volunteers aren’t able to come to our stores for the moment.

We also anticipate receiving a lot of donations after lockdown. That’s why we’re appealing to people to volunteer to help get our shops back up-and-running this summer.

If you’d like to join one of our volunteering teams, please register your interest online.

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