Anora is 16 and from Tajikistan. She has a blackbelt in Taekwondo. 

“Taekwondo for me is like life because we have ups and downs. We have some problems in society. Violence against women. We have some stereotypes. In our society boys think that girls cannot do sports. But from these various programmes, various projects we could change their minds.”

Oxfam partnered with the National Federation of Taekwondo in Tajikistan to help break down stereotypes and encourage more women and girls to take part in sports. 

“I think that every kind of sport is very important for everyone. Not only boys but for girls too because it improves our confidence, it improves our skills, talents, outlooks and I think this is very important for women for the future.” 

Girls who take part in Taekwondo can now get scholarships to continue their education in Tajikistan. 

“We can change minds. We can change the way people think and we can share our experience.” 





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