As the UK government expands the number of places where people will be required to wear a face covering, we know that right now, it is more important than ever to look after ourselves, each other and our beautiful planet.

Oxfam has teamed up with Selyn to support The PeoplesMask initiative – face masks which protect people, planet and livelihoods. These masks are available exclusively online.

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✅ 1. They protect jobs

For many people here and around the world, the pandemic is not just a health emergency but an economic emergency. The pandemic has meant many people have lost their jobs and livelihoods Lockdowns are happening all over the world, pushing millions of the world’s poorest people deeper into hunger and poverty.

Oxfam is supporting the PeoplesMask initiative to provide work for some of the thousands of artisans in Sri Lanka who have lost their jobs because of the lockdowns in their country.

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✅ 2. They are Fairtrade

Oxfam shops started supporting Fairtrade back in the 1960s. Products that help the women and men who produce them to earn a decent living. Times have changed but our commitment to Fairtrade hasn’t.

The masks are made by Selyn which is Sri Lanka’s only fair-trade guaranteed handloom company that engages the traditional Sri Lankan community of handloom weavers.

All the workshops are in villages in the rural outskirts of Sri Lanka so that artisans can work near to their homes.

The production process follows guaranteed Fairtrade standards and the workshop has been cleared by the local authorities for compliance under Covid-19 preventative measures.

Image credit: Selyn. Shared Earth

✅ 3. They are planet friendly

Conservationists warn that the coronavirus pandemic could cause an increase in ocean pollution, after finding large amounts of disposable masks on the ocean floor.

Oxfam believes in using natural resources responsibly, and making sure that everyone on this planet has enough to live on. The Peoplesmask is a washable reusable cloth mask made from two layers of handwoven cotton fabric lined with polyester blended fusing. It is a two layered mask as recommended by the World Health Organisation with a pocket for a disposable filter.

Image credit: Selyn. Shared Earth

✅ 4. All profits go towards Oxfam’s life-changing work

We believe feel good things can do good things. 100% of profits from the Sourced By Oxfam range go to our work worldwide, helping even more people overcome poverty.

How to wear and take care of your face mask*

😷 Before touching your mask, wash your hands or use alcohol rub

😷 Adjust the mask to cover your mouth, nose, and chin, leaving no gaps on the sides.

😷 Avoid touching the mask while wearing it.

😷 Take off the mask by removing it from the ear loops, without touching the front of the mask.

😷 Clean your hands after removing the mask

😷 Wash fabric masks in soap or detergent and preferably hot water (at least 60 degrees) at least once a day

😷 If your fabric mask is not dirty or wet and you plan to reuse it, put it in a clean plastic, resealable bag. If you need to use it again, hold the mask at the elastic loops when removing it from the bag.

😷 Make sure you have your own mask and do not share it with others.

*recommendations taken from WHO

Oxfam's coronavirus emergency response appeal

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