Triplets Max, Seb and Saskia are celebrating their birthday on 26 April by taking on the 2.6 Challenge – doing an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26 to raise money for Oxfam to protect the world’s most vulnerable people from the coronavirus.

Triplets Max, Seb and Saskia as kids

Image: Rem and Tessa Van Woerkom

“We decided to combine the 2.6 Challenge, Earth Day and our birthdays all into one… and together we are making 26 climate pledges in support of Oxfam’s coronavirus appeal,” says Max, 22, from Oxfam’s Supporter Relations team.

“As the 2.6 Challenge is all about using the number 2 and 6 in any way to set yourself a challenge to raise money, we decided to combine the 2.6 challenge, Earth Day and our birthdays all into one… and together we are making 26 pledges to make climate-friendly changes in our lives whilst raising money for Oxfam’s coronavirus appeal. Oxfam is working hard in communities around the world to protect the poorest people from coronavirus and we want to do what we can to play our part.”

Why now?

“Our 26 pledges will help reduce our impact on the environment and some are easier than others! We are splitting these pledges up between ourselves and on Sunday 26th April, we will all focus on working towards these pledges.

So, what are our pledges and what are we most excited about for the 2.6 Challenge?”

Seb – ‘Food’ challenge

“I pledge to be more of a food waste warrior,” says Max’s brother Seb.

Seb Van Woerkom

Image: Seb Van Woerkom

“I am making pledges to do with FOOD. With more time on my hands recently, I have been wanting to find recipes that I will enjoy cooking and of course eating. I want to cut down on my meat and dairy as I know this will really help reduce my impact on the environment. I will also pledge to be more of a food waste warrior – that means making the most of good food and saving it from the bin!”

 Seb Van Woerkom 2.6 food challenge

Image: Seb Van Woerkom

1. Eat less meat
2. Cut down on dairy
3. Reduce food waste
4. Start composting
5. Start a herb garden
6. Shop locally and support local businesses
7. Find tasty recipes using local produce
8. Donate and volunteer for a local food bank
9. Buy loose vegetables and fruit to reduce plastic

Max – ‘Stuff’ challenge

“I have a lot of stuff and I realise I don’t need half of it!” says Max.

Max Van Woerkom

Image: Max Van Woerkom

“My pledges are all to do with STUFF. Yes, I have a lot of stuff and I realise I don’t need half of it! My wardrobe is very full and I want to take the time to go through it all and decide what I actually wear and need. I also want to take the time to better understand my shopping habits to help reduce the impact on the environment.”

 Max Van Woerkom's stuff challenge

Image: Max Van Woerkom

10. Sort through wardrobe
11. Donate and shop second hand
12. Repair things
13. Understand my shopping habits
14. Improve recycling efforts
15. Print less
16. Use reusable shopping bags and cups
17. Get a bicycle


“I want to make our home as energy efficient as I can,” says Max’s sister Saskia

Saskia Van Woerkom

Image: Saskia Van Woerkom

“I am making my pledges all about the HOME. I am living with my parents in our family home right now and I want to make our home as energy efficient as I can.”

Saskia Van Woerkom's 2.6 challenge

Image: Saskia Van Woerkom

18. Go 1-degree cooler
19. Have more energy efficient appliances
20. Change the shower head
21. Wash clothes at a lower temperature and line dry
22. Reduce dishwasher use
23. Unplug devices
24. Gardening- grow own fruit and veg
25. Research climate change
26. Use my voice and sign petitions

“All three of us want to do more research on climate change itself to better understand the issue. We also want to learn how to use our voices, such as signing petitions, to get leaders listening and to act.

All of our pledges will help reduce our impact on the environment and support Oxfam’s response to the coronavirus. We will see how we do on Saturday 26th April and keep you updated!” says Max.

About the 2.6 Challenge

Thousands of fundraising events across the UK have been postponed or cancelled because of the coronavirus, including the London Marathon next Sunday. To help us fight back, the organisers of the biggest UK sports events have created a new campaign to raise vital funds for charities.

The 2.6 Challenge is a challenge for all ages and abilities. All you need to do is think of an activity based around the numbers 2.6 or 26. You could run 2.6 miles. Flip a pancake 26 times. Or walk around your garden 26 times – whatever works for you. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you and take part on or from Sunday 26 April.

Together around the world

In many countries worldwide, this pandemic will be a crisis on top of crisis. In conflict, disaster and poverty, people are often already struggling without vital basics like water, food and sanitation, let alone a health service like our incredible NHS. So with support from people in the UK, our local teams and partners are providing life-saving essentials such as handwashing facilities, clean water, toilets and soap in vulnerable communities and circumstances. It’s work like this that helped contain deadly outbreaks such as ebola and zika in the past –and it’s vital to help save lives now.

Anything you raise will make a huge difference to help stop the spread of the coronavirus in vulnerable communities around the world – just £26 could provide clean, safe water for five families for a month.

Oxfam's coronavirus emergency response appeal

Will you take on The 2.6 Challenge?

Set up a fundraiser to get family, friends and more to sponsor you doing 26 or 2.6 of… anything you like! 26th April. Help support Oxfam with our vital response to the coronavirus.

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