Music Oxfam and Me.

DJ and actor Gareth Potter is excited about getting involved with Oxjam for the first time ever this September.

“I am just glad I was asked to get involved I have been busy in the past and haven’t been able to take part.”

“I have been buying my vinyl records from Oxfam in Cardiff for years, I love going in there and browsing. I love the early rhythm and blues music and vinyl’s especially so I was really happy to get this chance to get involved. I think Oxjam is a great event.”


Music is important to Gareth Potter who travels across the UK as a DJ and plays his selection of music to a large crowd regularly.

“I love to listen to music that’s at least half a century old. I think I am the oldest DJ in Cardiff! I tend to buy music that’s at least fifty years older than me, specifically stuff from 1963 and further back. I love the sound and the novelty. Some of the music is really raunchy, it’s music from my grandmother’s generation so it makes me think about that when I listen to them and there is warmth to the sound too.”

Gareth makes another confession;

“I do have a soft spot for Cliff Richard and I have brought a few of his records from Oxfam in the past! I love the old vintage music, mixing this up with more modern stuff. It’s an interesting mix and actually that’s what my flat looks like too a mix of the vintage and more modern things.

I think you reach a certain age when you stop following a certain style and you find your own way and signature and it’s the same for me with music. I value the old and mix in the new.”