Women Unlimited. Poverty Undone.

Here at Oxfam, we put women at the heart of everything we do. Not just because it’s right, but because it’s the best way to end poverty. 

Today (8 March), we’re joining forces with two renowned Welsh organisations, Chwarae Teg and Women Making a Difference  to note International Women’s Day by hosting Wales Women’s Summit, a day dedicated to exploring the challenges that women face in Wales, from getting a job to being a part of public life.

People in poverty are much less likely to have their voices heard, so today’s Summit will be a chance for women experiencing poverty to speak directly to the people making decisions and implementing policies that affect their day-to-day life in Wales. Like getting a job that pays the bills.

80% of all part-time jobs in Wales are held by women, with 75% of these jobs in retail, administration, personal services and other typically low paid occupations. This means that women in Wales are more likely to be experiencing poverty.  And that’s not all; women also face other challenges, such as insufficient childcare and a lack of or inadequate public services.

Oxfam Cymru believes the next Welsh Government needs to take action to Even It Up for women in Wales, ensuring they have access to decent work and receive fair pay.

Take a look…

Or read Even It Up: A Blueprint for Change in full. 

Of course, International Women’s Day also offers an opportunity for us to look outwardly, and to see what difference we can make to the lives of women across the world. This International Women’s Day Oxfam Cymru is calling on people in Wales to make a pledge to help women and girls around the world, be it buying Fair Trade to support women farmers and food producers or fundraising to support poverty-ending work with women and girls worldwide. To find out more visit our Pledge Page.

Women Unlimited.  Poverty Undone.