DIY Skeleton Halloween Costume

By Cassie of

It’s Halloween next week and as usual I don’t have any budget for a costume for all those parties I’ll be going to. But I’m not worried about that because I personally think that Halloween is about making-do and creating some crazy costume yourself that no one else will be wearing – the tattier the better in some instances! I have therefore made my own skeleton costume using an old (and I mean ooolllddd) stretchy top and I’ll show you how to make one for yourself below.


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You will need: 
An old black top
A white top to wear underneath
A pair of scissors
A white pen or chalk


Step by step

Step one: Fold your top in half along the centre point.
Step two: Use the chalk or white pen to mark out where you will be cutting out the ribs
Step three: Cut out the ribs, making sure you’re cutting all the way through both layers of fabric. This will give you a symmetrical set of ribs on each side when you have finished cutting.

Step four: Cut out small triangles along the centre to create the spine bones
Step five:  I even cut some bone shapes from the arms, which aren’t clear in the photo, but when I’m wearing it, you can really see them.
Step six:  Wear over the top of a white t-shirt to show off the shape of the bones!
I hope you’ll have a go at making this simple Halloween costume and enjoy your spooky celebrations, whatever you get up to!


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