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Christmas is coming; it’s a time for celebrating, making more an effort to see people you don’t see as often as you should and the gift of giving. This can all be rather expensive, if you let it be, so I have popped up with a few ideas of how to buy gifts without the hefty price tag. It’s the thought that counts after all.

You can make your presents or buy them from all good charity shops


Buy someone a book; they can be picked up cheaply from any charity shop, whether it is a hardback, paperback or audiobook- who doesn’t love receiving a great read? This one cost a whole £1.49- an absolute bargain and its filled with hours of fun.

Frame it

Get some of your digital photos printed and framed. Frames can be picked up from most good charity shops.


Buy a vintage bag, item of clothing or accessory from a charity shop. There’s plenty to chose from! Check out the selection on the Oxfam Online Shop too.

Buy a Magazine

I am a huge fan of print and would love it if someone bought me a couple of magazines. There are so many to choose from and often they are on special offer so you can buy a couple and it won’t cost too much or have a rummage at the charity shops for old magazines.

Make something

It’s always nice to make something as it shows that someone has made a bit more of an effort. There are loads of ways in which you can do this, it can be a mixtape (CD), item of clothing, jewellery or whatever you fancy. There are a lot of websites and blogs that are great for giving you ideas for what to make. 

DIY instructions for this hat. Check out the Oxfam DIY section for more crafty ideas. Enjoy your Christmas shopping! : )

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