DIY: Funk up your Knitwear this Christmas

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By Cassie of

Over the past couple of years Christmas jumpers have really taken off. This is not new information to those of us who love rummaging through charity shops and hunting out genuine vintage festive knits that your granddad would wear. They were great for making your friends wince and declare you seriously uncool only 3 years ago, but not anymore. Now the high street is full of them, and cheap replicas of your great-aunt’s fairisle cardigan are everywhere. And with all these copies, you can’t be sure that you won’t be wearing the same Christmas jumper as your pal when you turn
up to meet your friends for festive drinks.

So how about taking a little time out of your busy present-buying schedule to sit down and hand-sew your own festive knitwear. It doesn’t have to be a cardigan like mine, it can be any coloured or patterned winter wooly and the addition of the festive pom-poms is what gives it a Christmassey edge. It’s so easy to do, takes very little time and provides you with a truly unique Christmas jumper!

You will need:

  • item of Oxfam knitwear
  • pack of pom-poms (from any Haberdashery or craft shop)
  • thread, needle
  • pins
  • scissors

Step by step

Step One: Lay your knitwear flat and position the pom-poms to create a pleasing pattern wherever you want them to be on your jumper or cardigan.

Step Two: Pin them into position so that they stay in place

Step Three: Knot the thread inside the jumper and bring the needle through to the front. Stitch up through the pom-pom and back down into the pom-pom before taking the needle back inside the jumper and knotting.

Step Four: Repeat with all of the pom-poms and remove pins before wearing your festive jumper with pride!

You can always add any other decorations that catch your eye – perhaps red bows, or a felt Christmas tree ornament for a really garish festive jumper that will delight your friends and family this Christmas!

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