Pretty Ways To Eco Wrap Your Gifts This Christmas

Wrapping and unwrapping Christmas presents is an important part of Christmas for most of us. But Christmas can also be quite a wasteful time with tonnes of discarded Christmas paper committed to landfill. Here are just a few eco friendly alternatives for wrapping your Christmas gifts this year with the added bonus that they will look extra special too.

Vintage scarves

The great thing about using vintage scarves to wrap Christmas presents is that you are actually giving two gifts in one. A lovely scarf can either be worn or reused again next year for wrapping more Christmas gifts. You can either tie the scarves to hold them in place or tie with a pretty ribbon.  You can find a great selection of vintage scarves on the Oxfam Online Shop.

Old Magazines

For fashionista friends, old fashion magazines can make great wrapping paper for smaller gifts. Pick out the pages full of colourful photographs for a bright look or for a monochrome look choose pages with mainly black and white finished with a bright red or gold ribbon.

Handknitted Fair Trade Socks

Instead of wrapping lots of little presents individually, why not stuff them into a hand knitted sock for another alternative to wrapping that is an extra present and much better than throw away wrapping paper.

Homemade Wrapping Paper

Plain old brown paper can look amazing when hand printed with gold paint. Look out for Christmas stamp sets like this one at Not on The High Street. For maximum sustainability opt for recycled brown paper.

One of the most eco friendly options for Christmas presents is to buy second hand or vintage pieces, there are plenty to choose from on the Oxfam Online Shop. Would you consider buying second hand and eco wrapping this Christmas?

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