Ukuva iAfrica: A Taste of Africa

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Ukuva iAfrica, meaning ‘the senses of Africa’ in Xhosa, was founded in Cape Town in 1996 by Englishman Nigel Wood. A trained chef who had owned several restaurants, Nigel left England in the early 1990s on a journey of discovery across Africa and fell in love with African street food. 

Ukuva iAfrica is the story of his travels told in flavours. At the heart of each of his products is an original recipe collected while travelling representing flavours from across Africa; from Zanzibar to Morocco, Ethiopia to Madagascar.

Ukuva’s unique look is inspired by African beauty, the metal rings on the bottles are inspired by the rings (idzila) worn by the women of the Ndebele tribe.  The wire necks and raffia tassels are made by the Cape Mental Health Society, a work haven for the mentally handicapped from the deprived townships which surround Cape Town.  As part of the World Fair Trade Organisation, they ensure that producers maintain fair labour and wage practices. 

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2.5% of the export price of all Ukuva products goes to the Fair Trade Trust and is used for the education of  the workers and their families in South Africa; for example for personal development courses and education to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS. The trust also pays the school fees of 163 children whose parents work at factories which produce the Ukuva range.

Ukuva iAfrica have a delicious range of tasty treats available at Oxfam– perfect stocking fillers that will add a taste of Africa to your festive season. Buy Fairtrade this Christmas : )

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