A Vintage Bridal Special: Take a Sneak-Peak Ahead at Batley’s Bridal Collection

The last in the series of Oxfam Wedding Blog Posts by our Sustainable Fashion Events Specialist, Deborah Anderson, in celebration of Oxfam’s first ever Bridal pop up shop at Batley on the 25th of March 2017. Find more details of the event, check out her advice for finding the perfect dress shape or see behind the scenes.

I don’t know about you, but here at Oxfam Online we love all things vintage, especially when it comes to bridal gowns! We have rails upon rails of vintage bridal wear spanning through all the eras, but that doesnt stop us getting excited when a new treasure arrives on our doorstep.

We are ready to launch our premiere Bridal Pop-Up Shop on the 25th March 2017 at our Batley showroom…and I wanted to offer you an inside look at some of the vintage gems we’ll be selling. We’ve picked out one from each vintage era to pique your interest; these and hundreds more
will be available on the day so head over to our Facebook event to find out how you can visit us.


50s Dress


This era can seem only a hop and a step on from 40s
fashion, but it
s fuller, flamboyant and much more fun. There are so many inspirational brides from this decade; Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Jacqueline Kennedy, not to mention Marilyn Monroe! All of these show off the stunning elegance that was the

Weve picked out this simple yet classic 50s handmade dress. Its bursting with a lively and young spirit! It features an iconic skirt gathered from the waist and falling to just below the knee. What really completes it though is the duck egg blue pleated sash. Just picture this matched with a pair of peep toe stiletto heels and your hair pinned up in ringletty twists. Could it get any better?

 60s Dress


The 60s swung in with a burst of vibrancy and new-found
freedom. The fashion for l
ooser, shorter shift dresses with enough room to “twist and shout” of course trickled into bridal wear too. Empire lines replaced the tight fitting bodices of the 50s and floaty sleeves allowed a fresh comfort and movement.
Smooth A-line skirts and high necklines were also particularly characteristic of the era.

Take a look at this perfect pick; with its simple silhouette, boat neckline and slightly flared sleeves, this dress shouts 60s. Complete the look with your hair tucked up in a beehive, a string of pearls around your neck and a pair of pointed toe kitten heels in true 60s fashion.


 70s Dress


Ah, the 70s! Thats when flares kicked in along with an explosion of lacy tiers, floaty trousers and flouncy gathers and sleeves. Bridal fashion was breezy and beautiful, to match the relaxed age of hippies. Whether it was Gerberas, Marigolds, Daisies or Daffodils, yellow was the bridal
bouquet colour of choice, bringing with it a relaxed, sun-kissed vibe.

We absolutely love this dress! It is so packed with character and it shows off the 70s perfectly: the flared sleeves and skirt, the bustier line, the tiered panels graduating down to the show-stopping black hemline. We envisaged this dress stunning the crowds with your hair falling down in long waves, rosy cheeks and white Docs.

 80s Dress


Finally, just when you thought it couldnt get any better,
along come the 80
s! The styles revisit the fit ‘n’ flare silhouettes and flamboyant femininity of the 50s, but with added frills like layers of meringue. 1980’s bridal gowns took a turn for the colourful: blush pinks, pastel peach and apricots, even mints and mauves were popular colours in this decade.

Our 1980’s dress shouts out all of these details. Puffed sleeves, pastel floral detailing, princess bodice and full gathered skirt and layer upon layer of ruffles. It still succeeds in being a stunning dress for the bride who wants to be noticed.


If you fancy yourself as a vintage bride and would like to see firsthand the beautiful dresses Oxfam can offer, why not visit our premiere Bridal Pop-Up Shop on 25th March? We’d love to see you there and can’t wait to find the perfect dress to suit your vintage style.

Head over to our Facebook event to find out more!

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