3 Easy Ways to Style a Vintage Scarf to Reinvent Your Look

The great thing about a scarf as an accessory is the fact that it can be versatile. Personally I love scarves and think they can totally make an outfit. I’ve styled my favourite vintage scarf in three ways to show you how it can be worn.

Way One: The Bow Bag

Reinvent your bag with a fabric bow

Tying a scarf around your bag handle can not only add to your outfit but also give your favourite bag a new lease of life. I tied mine here in a simple bow around this top handle bag. This can work for pretty much any bag with handles; I particularly like a scarf tied around a plain black shopper to add a little colour.

Way Two: The Classic Neck Scarf

Tie your scarf into a neckerchief

With a square shaped scarf you need to fold it in half diagonally and keep folding over and over to create a skinnier version, which can be placed around your neck before tying in a bow. I tend to prefer a side bow when wearing it like this, but you could always just knot it twice if you’re not a fan of a bow.

Way Three: The Open Neck

Style a skirt and jeans with a loose vintage scarf

This is the lazy girls guide to wearing a vintage scarf; by draping the scarf around your neck and open over your coat or jacket you’ve already added a focal point to your outfit.

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