What Fashion Means To Me: A.K.’s View

There are so many things that come to mind hearing that word, right? Such as style, trend, imagination, innovation, expression, and fantasy. Basically, fashion is a way of introducing yourself without having to utter a word.

It’s like you enter the room and people can start speculating the type of individual you are, by the way, you dress.

To some people, dressing up can be a form of expression like poetry. It is a complete way of life, and of course profession. It is a varied form of art, a glance into someone else’s personality. It is, by all means, a conception of direction, exhibition, and entertainment. Fashion defines the type of a person you are or at least shows the world what you want them to see.

It is not easy to find the meaning behind fashion; it is not a simple question with a definite answer. Fashion is idiosyncratic, which means, it is different for different people.

It Speaks For You, And Lets You Express Yourself

Fashion can affect various aspects of our life. It exhibits itself more than in the clothing, feelings. It really has the power to make us feel stronger about something we truly believe in. It can be used as an outlet to show your expressions, opinions, and to inspire the world.

It can be used to convey not only the conceptions we have of ourselves but also the image we want to portray, as an individual’s wardrobe chiefly reflects their personality.




Comfortable Fashion Is the Best Choice

Your dressing should speak the message that you want to convey the world. While body confidence is above everything else, one should never wear something they’re not comfortable with. Choosing to wear clothes that fit your body well can make you feel over the top. Fashion is not just pushing your boundaries and going for outfits you would rather avoid. It’s feeling good in your own skin, with comfortable yet stylish clothing. Never allow yourself to be pressured to try trends that don’t suit you or to wear clothing that isn’t
comfortable for your body.

Fashion Plays a Great Role in the Human Transformation

You can let the world glimpse into the type of person you are; just by the way you choose to dress. It provides with a creative outlet that can constantly change and improve. Fashion is an easy way to express yourself if you’re not comfortable in expressing it in words. You can challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone by putting yourself on display for the world to see just like the celebrities do in an event like met gala. It can be very empowering once you get the hang of it.

I believe fashion should be portrayed as something that represents a rhythm but each one of us has our own steps that we choose to move with. We should move freely, without any bounds. It’s always awe-inspiring seeing people embrace their awesome sides when they decide to take matters into their own hand and shine out in the crowd.

We were created in a unique way, and what’s better to show our uniqueness the way we want, through the way we dress? I can’t think why not. It is time to stop being slaves to the ‘new trends’ and embrace the creativity within you.

“Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live.” – Gianni Versace

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