Les Misérables Comes to Oxfam Batley for the Jo Cox Foundation

By Medina Selman

By day, a simple yet hard-working and bustling Oxfam warehouse – by night, for 3 nights only, was transformed into a theatre holding a very special production of Les Misérables. Titled ‘Hear the People Sing’, the event was produced under the Batley and Spen Youth Theatre Company providing many young people with a great opportunity to be part of a unique and once-in-a-lifetime production.


By joining together many schools from the Batley and Spen area, the production was held to raise funds for The Jo Cox Foundation, which aims to maintain the work that the Batley and Spen MP, Jo Cox, had begun and to continue to raise the issues that she cared so strongly and passionately about.

Providing the background for this performance, the selection of Oxfam as the theatre space is poignant as Jo Cox was very much involved with Oxfam over the years and the space provided a fitting setting for this production.


Running from Wednesday 9th August to Saturday 12th August, the production drew in great audiences each night welcomed into the Oxfam Wastesaver based in Batley. Usually the setting for a skilled conveyor of clothes sorting, selling and preparation, the Wastesaver was proud to welcome such audiences and provide a magnificent stage for the home-grown talent bringing life to this rewarding
project. Holding an audience capacity of around 500 people, plus additional stage support and performers, the stage was set for a very memorable night.


Following the transformation of the Oxfam warehouse, it is clear a lot of hard work went into the production. The warehouse became unrecognisable, filled with dazzling lights, a vast sea of seats and impressive stage props.


Stage props

Many congratulations are due for all involved who helped make this an unforgettable production and capturing the spirit of a community that Oxfam was proud to be a part of.

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