What Fashion Means To Me: Nicola Lucas’s View

By Nicola Lucas

Fashion has always been important to me, ever since I was a little girl I can always remember being drawn to pink, and being quite stereotypically girlie. My mum tells me that I refused to wear pyjamas only nighties, all my sleeves had to be skin tight and I didn’t like anything baggy. So I think I knew what I liked pretty early on. Apart from a stint in uni where I studied Media and TV I have always wanted to work in fashion. Before moving to London to follow that dream people would say to me that London will be expensive, and those fashion offices are cliquey, but that didn’t
stop me, as far as I was concerned I just loved being around fashion whatever environment that was.  In all my experience of working in fashion I would definitely say that the good stuff outweighs any negatives.

Nicola window

Since I moved to London from a small town in South Wales my fashion choices have definitely been influenced by the places I’ve worked and the people I’ve met.  Also my style has certainly evolved. I remember the early days when I was interning and had very little money, I would definitely hunt out charity shop gems, which I still love doing today, you never know what items you’re going to find especially in a charity shop in a new area, something I love to do if I go away anywhere in the UK.


When it comes to ethical choices in fashion it’s good we have been made aware of the results of throw away fashion. I know it’s definitely made me think about my shopping habits over the years and I try my best to make considered purchases, I like to know that I’ll get my money’s worth out of something. I’ve learned that over time it is better to spend more on one or two pieces of quality clothing than have a mountain of things that are cheaper and will only last a couple of washes. That’s why I think vintage or pre-loved items can be a great way to build your
wardrobe. Vintage can be very good quality hence why it’s lasted the test of time. I also believe that sometimes it’s good to challenge ourselves with our style choices, so for instance if you only have a budget of £40 to go shopping with, rather spending it all in one place why not learn to thrift you’ll give yourself challenge and you might actually enjoy it!


Fashion to me is fun, it’s expressive and should be enjoyed by everyone. If you want become a more ethical shopper then try a few of my tips!

  •  Try opting for vintage clothes for classic designs and good quality.
  •  Always have a rummage in charity shops as you never know what you’ll come across. You can also try eBay for charity and Oxfam Online Shop to charity shop online.
  • Know a good tailor or alternations specialist to keep your wears lasting longer. Or, if you’re crafty, use online tutorials to learn how to do it yourself!

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