Music That Matters – an Oxfam Pop Up Shop in Manchester

Article by Alice Liddell

The Oxfam Festival Shop are bringing another exciting pop-up shop to Manchester in collaboration with Oxjam’s ‘Music That Matters’ event.

The one day pop-up will be held at ‘The Font Manchester’, New Wakefield Street from 3pm to 9pm on Saturday the 3rd of November. It will be open to those attending the Oxjam event along with ‘The Font’ customers.

A pair of denim dungarees styled with a Hawaiian shirt

The Festival Shop team has hand-picked pieces specially for Manchester. This includes brands such as Nike, Levi and Tommy Hilfiger, plus exciting one-offs. Accompanying these big brands will be an array of hats, headscarves, shoes and belts to complete any outfit. We have been stocking up on faux fur coats with enough vairety to suit everyone’s needs. The Festival Shop is based at Wastesaver, Oxfam’s textile recycling centre, giving clothes a second chance to be sold or resued and preventing landfill.

Two looks featuring denim

Oxjam Mcr will be hosted at five different venues throughout Manchester working with upcoming artists including the alternative band ‘Pacific’ and the comedic artisit ‘Chris Tavener’. There will be variety of music ranging from funk to garage rock to blues from 4pm – 11pm.

A selection of sport jackets and a peaked cap from Oxfam

The money raised from the pop-up will go to support important Oxfam campaigns such as the recent Indonesian earthquake and tsunami crisis. Along with long term projects such as preventing violence against women in Bolivia and empowering survivors of sexual violence in Iraq.

For more information on the pop-up, follow Oxfam Festival Shop:

Instagram | Twitter |  Facebook

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Behind the Scenes with Oxfam’s Festival Shop Team at Kendal Calling

Have you ever wondered into a shop at a festival and wondered how it all works? Head behind the scenes with the volunteers of the Oxfam Festival Shop team at Kendal Calling to see how the magic happens…


The first thing that takes place is the sorting of all the stock the festival shop receives. 12,000 tonnes of items arrive into our recycling plant, Wastesaver, every year. This stock is sorted into whether it best suits the Online Shop, Festival Shop, or Oxfam’s social enterprise project Frip Ethique.


Every item that you see in the shop is handpicked by the team in Batley, and sorted into the type of item and what festival it would suit. You wouldn’t see a glittery, iridescent dress that belongs in Glastonbury’s Treasure Trove at Download!


When it hits festival season, it’s time to get technical with all the stock. There’s limits on how much we can load onto the vans and wagons we take along with us, so we have to take the best bits!

Preparing for a festival at Oxfam Wastesaver

When loading, we estimate the weight of each clothing type to get the 5 tonne load on the wagon, or the even smaller load allowance for the vans. This makes it much easier than just hoping what we want to take will be alright! It might mean taking a few less wellies, or that extra bag of denim jackets but they could always still fit in the van.


We don’t just have to think about the stock we want to take. There’s the shop decor, mannequins and the ever-so-important kettle! If you’ve ever wondered what’s behind the scenes at an Oxfam Festival Shop, then you’re missing the makeshift kitchen hiding under a gazebo.


When all this is done, it’s finally time to head off! At Kendal Calling, we were hoping for the sun to welcome us like it did at Glastonbury, but that wasn’t the case. Setting up a shop in the sun is always better than the rain and mud. It’s not easy to setup rails, hang fabric and price clothes while the 20-strong team are cowering under a marquee!

Setting Up the Oxfam Festival Shop at Kendal Calling

The weather also dictates what stock we offer you. There’d be no use putting out strappy tops when there’s thunderstorms on its way. We take clothes that’ll suit all weathers, just in case! When the later shifts start, jumpers will appear on the rails, but earlier in the day you could see some shorts making an appearance.

The rain doesn’t just affect setup and stock, we have the same issues as you! From trying to park a huge wagon and multiple vans to setting up tents in a storm, we’ll always say we prefer the sunny weekenders.


Stock rotation and refresh isn’t just about the weather and times. We update the stock and replenish rails all weekend. You’ll never see an empty rail for too long as one of our team will be on their way to refill it, even till the final hours of Sunday night! It’s worth heading back to the shop throughout the weekend to get your hands on the best of what Oxfam has to offer.

Kendal Calling Oxfam Shop

When you head to the shop (hopefully multiple) times over the weekend, you’ll see many different friendly faces giving you a hand. We have three six-hour shifts a day so our volunteers can go and see the acts they want, and also have a breather!


By the end of the festival, we may be running low on some of the most wanted things. The crowds of Kendal were big fans of faux fur and sheepskin jackets, which meant what we had out was the final stock! This makes packdown on Monday morning much easier for the team.


As you all get to head home to a comfy bed and cup of tea on the Monday, we start taking down the shop. This involves packing away clothes in their designated sack, dismantling rails and leaving the marquee in the bare state we found it. This can be much harder depending on the weather. The mud bath at Kendal made it impossible to enjoy the sun while putting away clothes, and we spent more time trying to avoid slipping up and dropping a whole sack.

Packing Down the Oxfam Festival Shop at Kendal Calling

With so many festivals in our diaries, we have a very quick turnaround. We got back from Kendal Calling on the Monday evening, unpacked the wagon and van on the Tuesday, and packed for Boardmasters and Boomtown Fair in the following few days. This means we need to make the stock as neat as possible! There’s no rushing to get home, but instead ordering sacks and boxes for the team at Wastesaver.


Once we’re all back, it’s time to resort and unpack. An item being unsold doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for a different festival! Hippy trousers from Womad can still be perfect for Leeds, and a warm handknitted jumper from Kendal will suit Bestival as well.

Packing Up The Festival Shop

After the stock finds a new home (or festival), and everything is ready for the next trip to a field, it’s finally time for the festival team to focus on the next festival! It truly is a summer of madness but we love it!

If you are interested in volunteering with the Festival Shop Team then you will need at least 3 months experience in as an Oxfam Shop Volunteer: You can find more information about volunteering in your local Oxfam here or current volunteers you can apply directly to the festival shop team here.

Non Oxfam Shop Volunteers also have the opportunity to volunteer as a steward or campaigner.


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Glastonbury Round Up 2017 – The Oxfam Shop Edition!

Each year the Oxfam festival team make the journey down to Somerset to assemble four Oxfam shops with four different themes, types of stock and targeted consumer in the hopes of raising as much money as possible for Oxfam’s many causes. This year we battled the hottest Glasto set up of all time and raised a record amount of money for the Festival shop! Here is a blog post to sum up our time at the festival and to mention some of my own highlights. If you want to take a sneaky look at some of the goodies in our shops check out my last blog .

Oxfam’s Glastonbury Shops:


Oxfam Shop at Glade, Glastonbury

If you visited our shop in the Glade area of Glastonbury then you will know that it was a one-stop-shop for sleeping bags, wellies, socks and a dip into our £3 hat bucket (because why not). This year’s Glade shop had a 60’s ‘summer of love’ theme which was perfectly fitting for the weather. We stocked floral dresses and fake fur and sheepskin coats, which were, as always, popular amongst male customers and they pulled them off in true style.


Oxfam Shop at Park, Glastonbury

If you were in the market for some ‘Wavy Garms’ then our shop in the Park area would have been perfect for you. Stocking everything from one off  vintage items to retro branded goods like Levi Jackets, Adidas tracksuits to name a few, Park catered to the eclectic tastes of Glastonbury’s hipsters. This year we also featured hand painted jackets created by some of our volunteers, these were popular amongst people wanting to get their hands on a one-off creation.

Treasure Trove

Oxfam Shop at Treasure Trove, Glastonbury

This year we said goodbye to one of our shops, Pom Pom Palace and said hello instead to Treasure Trove!  A shop that was filled with the best sparkle and gems that we could find. The shop’s new concept was embraced by everyone with free glitter being done by our Oxfam campaigns team.


4th Shop (Interstage)

Oxfam Shop Interstage, Glastonbury

Our 4th shop was located in the interstage area between the Pyramid and Other stage of Glastonbury, catering to journalists and VIPs it stocking items like Cashmere jumpers, Barbour jackets and vintage/ boutique gems. With previous customers like Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw this year’s celeb visitors included Matt Smith, Dan from Bastille Blossoms, Black Honey and photographer Charlotte Patmore.

Oxfam Festival Shop Team at Glastonbury 2017

Overall it was an amazing year for the me and the shop, Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who made the running of the shops as smooth as ever and thanks to all our amazing customers who helped us raise an amazing amount of money for Oxfam. See you all in 2019!

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Oxfam is Launching It’s Own Newspaper! Fashion Pages Preview

Oxfam is launching its own newspaper this summer with copies available for free from every Oxfam high street shop it is the perfect feel-good paper to bring a wave of positivity to your day! There are stories from volunteers, Oxfam project updates, book reviews, games, a summer recipe and more it’s definitely worth a read. Today I’m going to give you a tiny sneak peek into the fashion content which focuses on Bridal and Festival fashion.


“Together, we save and rebuild lives in disasters. We help people build better lives for themselves. We speak out on the big issues that keep people poor, like inequality, discrimination against women and climate change. Together we can end poverty for everyone.”

The New Oxfam Newspaper

“From stunning designer bridal wear – more than 95% of our dresses are brand new – to world-changing wedding lists, you’ll find everything you need for your big day at Oxfam. Here four brides-to-be give our dresses a try. Keep an eye out for our Chippenham bridal department on Say Yes To The Dress UK too, TLC, 8 Septemeber, 9pm.”


Bridal Fashion #foundinoxfam

I love the wedding dresses featured, especially Tobi’s on the far right, so elegant and floaty! I recently got to have a nose around the online bridal collection to choose my seven favourites for my recent blog and had a great time drooling over the beautiful dresses!

“I knew Oxfam did wedding dresses but was surprised by the range. This one’s really fun – the Vegas dress! I love the huge skirt.” – Caely Beecham, Bride-to-be


Shop Bridal from Oxfam, from 11 high-street shops and Online.


Festival Fashion #foundinoxfam

“Vintage Street #foundinoxfam: Pair branded streetwear – new or vintage – with a hit of bling for a look guaranteed to make you stand out.” Look inspired by Rita Ora.


As I’m headed off to help the festival shop team at Latitude this week the festival fashion was great inspiration for my packing. I like the Classic Festival, Laura Whitmore inspired look best with its floaty, hippy, floral top and modern cut off shorts. With these complete outfits starting from £41 you know you can be decked out in style whatever festival you’re headed to this summer.

Shop festival fashion, vinyl and c-ds online or in-store. 

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Get a Sneak Peek of the Treats in Oxfam’s Glastonbury Shops

It’s the final countdown to Glastonbury, the weather forecasts are on our side and the line-up is looking as beautiful as ever. What could be better?

We’ll be back in the Somerset fields this weekend, bringing you Oxfam treats you won’t be able to say no to. From RuPaul-friendly glitz in Treasure Trove to Bowie-loving leather jackets in The Park, the festival shops have you covered this Glasto!

Glastonbury Style at Park Shop Oxfam


For everything on the wavy spectrum, head to our shop in the Park area. If you’re wanting denim jackets, funky patterned shirts or some fancy jumpsuits then you know where to head!

We’ve even reworked some denim and leather jackets, so if you’re in need of a one-off statement addition to your outfit then you better head down quick. You can, of course, follow our DIY to make your own too.

Glastonbury Style at Park Shop Oxfam

Treasure Trove

This year, we’ve goodbye to the Pom Pom Palace, and said hello to the Treasure Trove. It’s located in the William’s Green area, by the meeting point.

Expect dragtastic glitter and sequins everywhere! From a fully sequined LBD to a gold trench coat even Eurovision’s Verka Serduchka would be jealous of, this shop is the place to be when you’re in need of a sparkle top-up.

Glastonbury Style at Treasure Trove Shop Oxfam


We’re turning the Glade shop into a flower power wonderland. There’ll be 70s florals everywhere, so make sure you’re a part of the revival of the summer of love. It’ll be full of huge floral prints, Hawaiian shirts and hippy trousers galore.

As well as the 70s love, we’ll also be stocking sleeping bags, wellies and socks for all your festival needs! It’ll be a one-stop-shop for all your fashion possibilities (and emergencies).

Glastonbury Style at Glade Shop Oxfam


For those lucky enough to have access to the interstage area between the Pyramid and Other stages, make sure to pay us a visit. Previous years have seen the likes of Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw have a look at our Barbour jackets, cashmere jumpers and boutique garms. Will Young even bought a beautiful Jaeger jacket to add to his festival

This year’s stock includes a bold pair of leather trousers, a beautiful tapestry skirt and wavy patterned dress that we restyled into a top!


Glastonbury Style at Interstage Shop Oxfam

Be sure to visit us this weekend, and tag us at @OxfamFestShop on both Twitter and Instagram along with the hashtag #foundinoxfam so we can see all your finds. Also, keep an eye on our feeds as we’ll be updating you on everything fashion, music and Oxfam throughout the festival. Let’s just hope there’s no mention of mud this weekend!

Not going to Glastonbury but still want a bit of festival style? Check out our festival collection on the Online Shop.

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Do the Trend On the Cheap: Make Your Own Personalised Jacket

One of the biggest trends of both 2016 and 2017 has been slogan clothing, especially DIY style jackets. Seen on both the catwalk from the likes of Gucci and Ashish to high-street stores like Topshop and ASOS all coming out with their own DIY/ Up-cycle feel clothes from patch jackets to painted leather. We have done a blog post in the past on how to make your own slogan t-shirt and now we will show you how we have been up-cycling our plain leather jackets to be sold at our Glastonbury Park
shop and how you can make your own!

You will need:

  • A Leather Jacket
  • Acrylic Paint Pens
  • Water and a cloth
  • Chalk (Optional)
  • Stencil (Optional)

Leather Jacket Upcycle Inspiration

1)       The ​first step of creating your own leather jacket is to first think of a design, I suggest looking on Pinterest for ideas or creating a mood board like the one above.

2)       On a hard surface like a table or the floor, lay your jacket down as flat as possible. Then take your chalk and mark out the design that you want. The chalk is good to use if you are not confident in creating a design free hand because it simply wipes away.

Personalised Jacket How to Instructions

3)       The next step is to take your acrylic paint pen and start drawing your design over the chalk. If you make a mistake you can scrub away the paint with a damp tissue or cloth.
4)       Once the outline is done you can fill it in or leave it as it is, it’s totally up to you what you do!  I chose to add some detail to this lettering with a vibrant pink design.

The Completed DIY Leather Slogan Jacket Look

This is a fun, easy and fashionable way to upcycle old leather jackets to give them a new lease of life. We will be taking lots of custom jackets made by our volunteers to our Glastonbury Park shop, so if you are heading over to Worthy Farm at the end of June check them out!

Here is a sneak peek at some of the designs available…

DIY Slogan Jacket

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Royal Windsor Horse Show

The Oxfam Festival Shop will be making another appearance at this year’s Royal Windsor Horse Show between May 10th and 14th.

For those wanting a second-hand steal, take a break between the show jumping and dressage, and head down to our stall and see what bargains can be found.

We’ll be bringing a range of accessories to add that little bit extra to your outfit. Treat yourself to a silk scarf (we’ll be jealous of whoever gets the Hermes, Burberry or Gucci ones…), a feathered fedora or even a classic Harris Tweed.

Fashion from the Royal Windsor Horse Show Festival Shop

Need a comfy, warm and durable coat? We’ll be stocked up with wax jackets, including Barbour favourites, that will last from country walks to mucking out the stables. There’ll also be other styles from a Burberry trench coat, to lighter options as the summer draws even closer.

Fashion from the Royal Windsor Horse Show Festival Shop

For those wanting something for those smarter occasions, head to our stall to take your pick over a range of tweed jackets, stylish shirts and slick bottoms to finish off the outfit. We’ll be bringing items for both ladies and gents, so both will have the chance to get their hands on new attire.

Fashion from the Royal Windsor Horse Show Festival Shop

With all the riding events happening over the show we had to bring some riding gear for people to get their hands on. We have a couple of jodhpurs, some pairs of riding boots and a variety of jumpers for when the sun decides to shy away.

Make sure you send us your fashion finds. Tag us on Instagram (@OxfamFestShop) and use the hashtag #foundinoxfam!

To keep up with everything happening with Oxfam at the show, give us a follow:

Twitter – @OxfamFestShop

Facebook – Oxfam Festival Shop

Instagram – @OxfamFestShop

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Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

My Favourite Fashion Picks from Oxfam’s Day at Geek Fest: Marvel and More!

On Saturday 4th March, I went as a part of the Oxfam Festival Shop Team to our first Geek Festival held at Elsecar Heritage Centre, near Barnsley.

I was really looking forward to seeing what outfits people had chosen to wear for the day. I went dressed in a Steam-Punk style outfit and enjoyed allowing others to see a more fun side of me. I have noticed over the years how popular Steam-Punk fashion has become with its great modernized Victorian look. There are more events related to Steam-Punk, such as Whitby Goth weekend and other events around Yorkshire.

Steampunk style and Oxfam's pop up shop

The main focus of the event was the cos-players, from Marvel characters, including Spider Man, Thor, Iron Man to characters from Game of Thrones. The atmosphere was brilliant; it was full of mad, quirky and friendly people out to have a good time with their friends and families. It was also a fun day for the kids too; they could have a photo with their favourite cos-play characters and have a photo with Doctor Who characters and the TARDIS.

Cosplay characters

Doctor Who Tardis and Cosplay

Customers were really impressed with Oxfam’s good selection of dresses, Adventure Time jackets, Marvel bags and Superhero t-shirts.

Here are some of my favourite picks from Oxfam’s donated range:

Smurf top and marvel bag and hoodie

Marvel top and cos play

We really enjoyed going to our first Geek Fest and loved to see the kind of fashion people were into. We hope to do similar events in the future. We would like to thank everyone who either donated or bought an item from Oxfam.



 The GeekFest Guests

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Manchester’s Tattoo Tea Party Shop

With summer still seeming so far away, we’ll be heading to Manchester’s Tattoo Tea Party at the start of March to kick off the festival season early. Pay us a visit at EventCity to see what bargains we have to offer! To get yourself prepared, here’s a roundup of all the items we’ll be taking with us.


The sun is trying to make an appearance, but winter isn’t going to say goodbye anytime soon. You’ll still be needing to layer up, so keep yourself warm with some of the leather items we’ll be taking along with us. From knee-length leather jackets, to tie-waist and cuffed jogging bottoms, we’ll have you covered.

Manchester Styles

Manchester’s renowned for it’s music-influenced style. To keep up with the never-ending Manchester scene, it’s only right for us to bring along some of the typical styles. Bring along your own bucket hat, and match it with a checked shirt and woolly jumper to keep up with the trends of the city. Keep an eye out for brands like Ralph Lauren and Stone Island! Those items won’t be sticking around for long…


Look no further for your outfit for the after show! It might be a last minute decision, but we’ll sort you out. We’ll have dresses from a 50s style cherry-print pinup dress, to a classic LBD that has an added pop of colour to make you stand out from the crowd. Even if you’re after more day-to-day outfits, there’s no need to worry. There’ll be a dress there for everyone.


If you’re worried about finishing your outfit off with statement shoes, then don’t worry. We’ll be bringing a small range from Dr Marten style boots to metallic loafers, and from casual canvas sneakers to colourful, bright trainers. There’ll be a style to catch your eye.

The Details

The Tattoo Tea Party will take between March 4th & 5th at Manchester’s EventCity, which is based at the Trafford Centre. Now in its sixth year, the tattoo convention will host 350 artists, a fairground, pyrotechnics, powerlifting, body painting and lots more all under one roof. Keeping you all entertained as MCs for the weekend will be street comedy act Garaghty and Thom.

For even more sneak peeks on what items the Oxfam Festival Shop will be taking, make sure to follow us on all our social media.

Twitter – @OxfamFestShop

Facebook – Oxfam Festival Shop

Instagram – @OxfamFestShop

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Yorkshire GeekFest 2017

After the success of the first ever Yorkshire GeekFest in 2016, it’s back; bigger and better on 4th March 2017! 

Held at Elsecar Heritage Centre near Barnsley, just off the M1, Junction 35 Northbound or Junction 36 Southbound, it’s easily accessible by car.

Last year’s guest appearances from TV and film proved to be a massive success with stars from Game of Thrones, Dr Who and James Bond, to name a few.

The Oxfam Festival Shop will make its debut appearance at this year’s Geek Festival and we’re really excited about bringing our carefully selected clothes and accessories to the event.

This year, guest appearances include: Mel Pickup (Star Wars), Martin Ballantyne (Harry Potter), Pam Rose (Superman), Miltos Yerolemou (Game of Thrones) and Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf). So, it’s going to be a fun packed day for all age groups!

The Oxfam Festival Shop will be full of colourful surprises, carefully picked for the festival, including T-shirts of comic book heroes, a range of gothic clothing, cos-play, cult classics and multi coloured leg-wear.

This is a festival for the quirky, unique, mad, bad and slightly crazy people who love to dress differently and express themselves. If this sounds like you, come and visit the Oxfam shop and see for yourself!

Rest assured, every purchase you make directly funds Oxfam’s humanitarian work. Below are some examples of how your money could be used on one of Oxfam’s projects.

  • £5.00 could buy a goat for a family.
  • £20.00 could buy two toilets.
  • £42.00 could help provide water for three villages.

We won’t live with poverty


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