Oxfam Fashion Show during London Fashion Week

On Monday 18th February we hosted our second Fashion Fighting Poverty Catwalk show as part of London Fashion Week. We wanted to showcase how Oxfam is part of the solution to fast fashion by giving clothes a second chance to be sold and preventing them ending up in landfill.

Here at Oxfam we never lose sight of the reason we sell fashion, which is to raise money to help the world’s poorest people. A £10 dress can provide clean water for 10 people in an emergency.


Supermodels and music stars hit the catwalk for Oxfam show during London Fashion Week.

Bella Freud and Nayara Santos De Oliveira in Oxfam’s Fashion Fighting Poverty Show 2019. Image: Chris Yates/Oxfam

Top models Stella Tennant, Daisy Lowe, Lottie Moss and Yasmin Le Bon were joined on the catwalk by super-cool designer Bella Freud and music stars Emeli Sandé and Una Healy.

Yasmin Le Bon and Malaika Firth in Oxfam’s Fashion Fighting Poverty Show 2019. Image: Chris Yates/Oxfam

All the models were styled in Oxfam clothes, selected from the Oxfam Online Shop and Oxfam high street shops by Vogue Contributing Editor Bay Garnett. You can shop the catwalk  here:

Buy our fashion, help fight poverty #FashionFightingPoverty

No Noise at Selfridges

We all lead pretty hectic lives nowadays. I know that even when I’m doing nothing, I’m doing something. Waiting for a train, I’ll just check what’s happening on Twitter. Having a relaxed evening at home, I’ll have a movie on while I reply to emails, with Facebook and a bit of online shopping open in the background. I’m never really doing nothing; I’m always connected to the hubbub of the rest of the world. 

It’s the same in fashion. When shopping, whether literal of virtual, I’m always connecting myself to the rest of the world through the branding stamped all over my clothes. We are then bombarded with advertising wherever we seem to go; billboards walking down the street, opposite your face when you’re sat on the train, on the right hand side of your Facebook browser, on the packaging of your food when you make a meal, on the back pocket of your new jeans. Why not take a break from it?




Above: Selfridges Levis, Heinz Beans, Marmite and Heinz Ketchup

 Selfridges have partnered with modern meditation experts Headspace to introduce their ‘No Noise Campaign’ encouraging us all to seek peace and tranquillity in our daily lives-and I think they have a point. They have introduced a limited line of goods without their branding leading to some striking products and evoking some thought about our lives. Instead of staring at computer screen in your free time as well as all day long at work, why don’t we turn off our laptops and phones and go pick up a good book
instead? Instead of buying that branded pair of jeans with their logo emblazoned on your derriere, why not pop to your local charity shop and buy a nice pair regardless of the logo? Maybe even have a go at some home customising and chop the darn thing right off?





Above: all of these books and more can be found at the Oxfam Online Shop

Why don’t we cut out some of the branding from our lives? Let’s take back our personal space.