Valentine’s DIY 2: Beaded Heart Collar

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If wearing your heart on your sleeve isn’t your style, how about around your neck? There are endless ways to individualise and customise the sophisticated shirt collar. One of Oxfam’s fashion favourites, and especially seasonal, is this delicate beaded love heart design. Surprisingly simple and elegantly effective, this particular DIY used salvaged beads from an old, broken Oxfam bracelet partnered with a charity shopped denim shirt.  


Heart Template
Needle and thread
Selection of beads (you could also use sequins to fill your heart shape)

Place your heart template on the corner points of your shirt collar, with the straight sides in line with the seam, and draw around. Repeat on the other side of the collar too.

Thread needle and do a couple of small anchor stitches at your starting point on your outline. Stitch up through the collar and thread through one of your beads and then stitch back in again close to your entry stitch, pulling tight.

Continue with this simple running stitch beading all around your outline keeping the beads as close together as possible.

Repeat on the other side of the collar

You can get experimental with colour, size and materials with this collar craft. We added a few golden beads to the middle of our heart. You could fill it completely with more beads, sequins or buttons. 

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Wild DIY Leopard Print

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Leopard print is an old favourite, having resurfaced in the fashion trends of many a season. There can be a fine line between it looking tacky and looking fabulous but it’s safe to say most ladies own something featuring this wild pattern. I certainly can’t get enough of leopard print, so I decided to jazz up a plain sweater with the help of a bit of fabric paint.


plain item of clothing
fabric paints (two colours)
tea towel

Firstly, you need a plain item of clothing. I’ve chosen an old school sweater that I found recently on a charity shop pound rail – if I’d known how popular burgundy would be in 2013, I may have felt less bitter about wearing this uniform for three years of my life. 

Take the lighter coloured fabric paint and paint circles on the area you want to be covered in leopard print. These do not have to be neat at all, in fact, the more uneven the better! Leave this to dry.

Take the darker coloured fabric paint and outline the circles, leaving small gaps in between lines. Again, the messier the better and leave to dry. Place an old tea towel over the area you’ve painted and iron to set the fabric paint. This will stop it running when you wash it.

There you go – your very own leopard print item. You don’t have to stick to sweaters, this can work well with jackets and t-shirts too.

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Vintage Fashion: 90s Style Revived

Written by: Emma Stephenson // @emmastephenson 

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My mum once told me that style never goes out of fashion, and most of the time she is right. Today, being a young and trendy girl raised in the nineties, I would look back and cringe at old photos of some of the outfits I was dressed up in. Those homemade waistcoats created from old curtains, shrunk t-shirts I pulled off as crop tops and slogan peddle-pushers all painted me as the ultimate 90’s girl. This season I have the chance to revisit my youth and pull out those gems hidden in my girl band inspired wardrobe.

Dungarees  // Sneakers  //  Leather Rucksack

At last the comic-loving, scrunchie-wearing, print-clashing style is reborn. With slogan tops inspired by pop artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein, the trend of the nineties is now undergoing an update. Sweatshirts, dungarees, crop tops, oversized tees, sneakers and print leggings are all making a comeback and here are some second hand finds stashed away in the Oxfam Online Shop.

 Yellow T-Shirt     //  Monochrome Print Hoodie  //  Green Cropped Sweatshirt  //  Bead Necklace 

With style icons of this era including Will Smith and the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and The Spice Girls, creating this look should be fun and easy. Clashing prints, bright colours, slogans and baggy fits are key to this trend. Pair socks with trainers and roll tight fit joggers up at the leg and you’ve got the 90’s down to a tee. Blast out some pop, grunge or house music on your cassette player and it’ll be like stepping back in time.

Oxfam Online Shop: Designer Special

Christmas is a distant memory and we are left with only traces of glitter and some impossible resolutions to keep. My resolution involved a serious argument with my wardrobe.  Working at Oxfam means that I am surrounded by great second hand clothes everyday and I spend a lot of my free time in charity shops which has resulted in a bit of a messy wardrobe.  I have a very good selection of high street items and exciting vintage but, as I tearfully send some items back to my local Oxfam, I realise a gap in my newly neat wardrobe.  I have no designer clothes,
investment pieces or anything high end and, when I take a tea break and flick through the latest glossy magazine, I remember why I have no designer items – they cost more than I earn in a year! So, how am I going to afford pieces of fashion history without having to sell everything I own?

To the rescue is the Oxfam Online Shop


After spending 15 minutes entering some current designers from my fashion magazine, I found a wonderful selection of second hand, high end items. Here are my favourites –




  1.  Roberto Cavalli Silk Blouse This Cavalli silk blouse has gold snake buttons on and a pattern that will keep you occupied for hours. A bright, ornate item for only £60 – has a baggy fit, easy to wear such as with leggings
  2. Gucci Floral Silk Scarf A scarf – a fantastic way to have a high end designer item that never goes out of fashion.  For £85 an unusual Gucci floral yellow and pink silk scarf that is a multi-use piece of luxury:  headscarf, neck scarf, tied around bags.
  3. Zadig & Voltaire Cashmere Cardigan Cashmere is my favourite fabric but can be very expensive. For only £39.99 this is a really high quality cashmere cardigan – very soft and warm for the winter with beautiful details from Zadig & Voltaire
  4. Mulberry Ankle Boots Boots – for £150 (which is what you can pay in some high street stores) get some brand new suede boots from classic British luxury brand, Mulberry. These are beautiful with gold studding – much the same as some appearing in their current spring/ summer ads.
  5. Moschino Jeans Playsuit  Wow. I think this is my favourite – it is like nothing else (except 90s Madonna) I have ever seen. For £60 this playsuit from Moschino will definitely stand out from the crowd – not a high street copy in sight!


So those are my favourites on the Oxfam Online Shop at the moment – why not have a look and see if any of your favourite designer labels are on there.