See The Highlights From Oxfam Batley’s Bridal Pop-Up Shop (Spoiler – The Dresses Were Gorgeous!)

In March Oxfam Batley’s Sustainable Fashion Events Specialist, Deborah Anderson, shared a series of bridal blogs with us in the lead up to Oxfam Batley’s first ever bridal pop-up shop. Now she’s back giving us her summary of how the event went. You can also read her Vintage Bridal Picks, Behind The Scenes Summary and Tips For Picking The Perfect Dress on our blog or shop bridal online or in your local Oxfam Bridal specialist

On Saturday 25th March we hosted our first ever Brida

l Pop-Up shop at our Batley online hub which was a huge success for us. We raised over £1300 for Oxfam, which is an incredible amount for us, with the majority of brides who visited buying a wedding gown on the day.  

We had over 100 dresses, veils, accessories and homewares on display with as much variety as we could possibly get. Most brides attended and were willing to try any style from vintage dresses to our Vera Wang gown; the surprising success being our alternative collection featuring two-pieces and colourful gowns. Normally we sell dresses through our online website but it was lovely to get a glimpse to the final bridal look! It was a brilliant family day out for some with children helping to pick their favourite dresses and try on the shoes and friends and mothers looking for a hat for
the big day.

Deborah and Sally created personalised goody bags, including the gorgeous Divine Himalayan Salt Chocolate, for all the brides who attended. We also had cupcakes and refreshments available for all our wonderful visitors.

Many of our dresses are available on the Oxfam Online Shop, however, if you’d like to try before you buy you can stop by your local Oxfam Bridal specialist shop or come to one of Oxfam Batley’s Oxstyle events where you can come in and try on our dresses as well as making a bridal appointment to gain advice on what suits you best.

Thank you to all the wonderful brides who came and we hope you have a fabulous wedding day, please tag your bridal photos on social media with #foundinoxfam so we can see those enviable bridal pictures. Follow Oxfam Batley on Facebook or Twitter or follow Oxfam Bridal on Instagram for updates on what treasures we have found and
plenty of upcoming information about our next bridal pop up shop! 

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The Ultimate How To Guide To Take Care of Vintage Clothing and Accessories

When you buy a new piece of vintage, even if it’s in mint condition it’s still really important to take care of it. As a vintage seller living in a fairly small house with all my stock, I’ve put together a few tips on how to look after your items.


Always hang your vintage garments, it will help them stay crease free and keep their shape. Also use fabric covered or soft hangers as these are more likely to keep delicate fabrics in shape than the wire ones you get from the dry cleaners. For items embellished with sequins, beads or rhinestones you could keep them covered in a garment case to protect them and stop them catching on other items. Keep knitwear folded so the pieces don’t stretch.

Always check your garment label. Hand wash delicate items, especially if you can’t see or read a label, to be sure not to shrink or damage delicate fabric in the machine. If you buy vintage clothing a lot then it might be a worth investing in a steamer to help get those creases out without damaging any material.

Hanging clothes to extend their life-span

Image Credit:Rachel Manns/Oxfam


If you keep all your bags in a box under your bed, it might a good idea to store your vintage bags separately depending on the material or how old they are. If it has embroidery, is hand beaded or made of raffia then these things can be easily damaged. To prolong your lovely item for as a long as possible, why not keep it on display or make a feature out of it. For smaller bags or purses with chain handles you could hang them on the wall.

Storing jewellery to protect vintage items

Image Credit: Karen Robinson/Oxfam


When it comes to vintage jewellery, prevent scratching and denting pieces by keeping items separated. Think about investing in a tray or box with dividers. I keep my jewellery in a plastic box with dividers which I find good because I can stack them up. If you prefer to keep your jewellery on display then make sure it’s out of direct sunlight. Perhaps keep individual items or those with stones or beads in a soft pouch.

Before putting jewellery on, apply any creams or perfumes and let them dry as the chemicals may damage the metal particularly gold plated pieces. Same goes for using cleaning products around the home, remove any jewellery before cleaning.

And finally keep your jewellery clean by simply polishing with a soft cloth.

Hope you found those tips useful!

Nicola Lucas

Inspired by Nicola’s advice to invest in a few more vintage pieces? Check out the Oxfam Online Shop’s Vintage collection here. Who knows what you might find! 

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Pick n’ Mix Outfits #foundinoxfam – Tips to Wear Your Oxfam Finds Again and Again

Having been a volunteer in Oxfam Broad Street since I was 13, I’ve collected a fair few Oxfam items in my wardrobe. In fact, the other day I put together this outfit and realised that I was head to toe in Oxfam finds! The total look including the belt and shoes cost me just less than £35 which is a total bargain! However, to Oxfam that money is worth a lot. With £35 Oxfam could provide 5 mosquito nets to protect families from the risk of malaria or provide clean drinking water for 35 people in an emergency which is a pretty amazing impact for an outfit to have if you ask me.

My FoundInOxfam look for £35

As the sun’s cheeky game of peekaboo through the clouds announces that we are starting the trip into the Spring Summer season I decided challenge myself to create six outfits each staring one of the Oxfam finds featured in this photo. I wanted to prove that you can wear your Oxfam finds again and again without feeling that you just keep repeating the same outfits. I even got over my hatred of having my photo taken so I could share the looks with you all!

The Oxfam Shirt

Shirts are a great option when it’s not quite warm enough for a jacket but too cold for anything else. Layer them up, knot them, tuck them, there are so many ways to wear it to make the same piece look completely different. I love this shirt as it has a denimy type look to the grain of the fabric but is much softer and more comfortable to wear.

Two Spring Summer looks with my Oxfam shirt

Outfit 1: I upcycled this skirt from a vintage Laura Ashley piece that my Mum had at my age. I absolutely love the shape of it and the floral fabric is perfect for spring. I had avoided putting these two pieces together as I felt they actually toned a little too well and would sort of merge into each other, however, my top tip for when things are too matchy-matchy is to add a statement belt to break it up. This yellow belt I found at a jumble sale was perfect to do the job as it added a pop of colour to draw shape to the waist and bring out those yellow flowers in the

Outfit 2: Crop tops and maxi skirts are my high-summer uniform as the loose flowing fabric keeps you feeling cool without the risk of getting sun-burnt lobster legs. Although it’s a little cool for this still (as the bottom of my tummy reminded me as I went outside to take the photo) it’s one I will definitely use once the sun starts to really get going!

The Oxfam Skirt

I love this skirt. It’s vintage St Michael’s M&S and has a bit of a pin-up style wiggle skirt look to it. The bold floral print popping off the navy background means that it is fully adaptable from any time of year. Just style it up with different belts, tops and tights and you’re ready to go.

Two Spring Summer looks with my Oxfam skirt

Outfit 3: The perfect smart-casual balance for days when I’m bouncing between work and meeting friends. The cropped cardigan is a great one for when the weather is too warm for jumpers but not quite yet t-shirt kinda warm. 

Outfit 4: This blouse was an impulse click-onto-ebay-50-seconds-before-bidding-ended buy which is a dangerous game to play! Fortunately, in this case it paid off and although the shirt was smarter than I wanted the pale pink pinstriped look is perfect for the summer trends of 2017.


The Oxfam Top

I love polka-dots. To the point where my friends will physically remove me from shops when they hear my “ohhh” of polka-dotty delight as I spot something spotty!

Two Spring Summer looks with my Oxfam top

Outfit 5: Dialled up! Double up your polka-dots! This skirt is another home-made creation and is 100% one of my favourite items of clothing. Red polka-dots, what’s not to love!?

Outfit 6: Dialled down. I couldn’t do a mix and match without including a bit of denim in there somewhere. Denim is the universal remote of the clothing world. If you only had 30seconds to get dressed and leave the house in the dark without a mirror denim is the friend you can rely on to keep you safe from outfit disasters. All hail denim!

So, there you have it, 1 outfit recycled to create 6 Spring/Summer looks. Let me know which your favourite is in the comments or if you have an Oxfam find you’d love to show off use #foundinoxfam on Instagram or Twitter to share it. I can’t wait to see everyone else finds!

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A Vintage Bridal Special: Take a Sneak-Peak Ahead at Batley’s Bridal Collection

The last in the series of Oxfam Wedding Blog Posts by our Sustainable Fashion Events Specialist, Deborah Anderson, in celebration of Oxfam’s first ever Bridal pop up shop at Batley on the 25th of March 2017. Find more details of the event, check out her advice for finding the perfect dress shape or see behind the scenes.

I don’t know about you, but here at Oxfam Online we love all things vintage, especially when it comes to bridal gowns! We have rails upon rails of vintage bridal wear spanning through all the eras, but that doesnt stop us getting excited when a new treasure arrives on our doorstep.

We are ready to launch our premiere Bridal Pop-Up Shop on the 25th March 2017 at our Batley showroom…and I wanted to offer you an inside look at some of the vintage gems we’ll be selling. We’ve picked out one from each vintage era to pique your interest; these and hundreds more
will be available on the day so head over to our Facebook event to find out how you can visit us.


50s Dress


This era can seem only a hop and a step on from 40s
fashion, but it
s fuller, flamboyant and much more fun. There are so many inspirational brides from this decade; Grace Kelly, Ingrid Bergman, Jacqueline Kennedy, not to mention Marilyn Monroe! All of these show off the stunning elegance that was the

Weve picked out this simple yet classic 50s handmade dress. Its bursting with a lively and young spirit! It features an iconic skirt gathered from the waist and falling to just below the knee. What really completes it though is the duck egg blue pleated sash. Just picture this matched with a pair of peep toe stiletto heels and your hair pinned up in ringletty twists. Could it get any better?

 60s Dress


The 60s swung in with a burst of vibrancy and new-found
freedom. The fashion for l
ooser, shorter shift dresses with enough room to “twist and shout” of course trickled into bridal wear too. Empire lines replaced the tight fitting bodices of the 50s and floaty sleeves allowed a fresh comfort and movement.
Smooth A-line skirts and high necklines were also particularly characteristic of the era.

Take a look at this perfect pick; with its simple silhouette, boat neckline and slightly flared sleeves, this dress shouts 60s. Complete the look with your hair tucked up in a beehive, a string of pearls around your neck and a pair of pointed toe kitten heels in true 60s fashion.


 70s Dress


Ah, the 70s! Thats when flares kicked in along with an explosion of lacy tiers, floaty trousers and flouncy gathers and sleeves. Bridal fashion was breezy and beautiful, to match the relaxed age of hippies. Whether it was Gerberas, Marigolds, Daisies or Daffodils, yellow was the bridal
bouquet colour of choice, bringing with it a relaxed, sun-kissed vibe.

We absolutely love this dress! It is so packed with character and it shows off the 70s perfectly: the flared sleeves and skirt, the bustier line, the tiered panels graduating down to the show-stopping black hemline. We envisaged this dress stunning the crowds with your hair falling down in long waves, rosy cheeks and white Docs.

 80s Dress


Finally, just when you thought it couldnt get any better,
along come the 80
s! The styles revisit the fit ‘n’ flare silhouettes and flamboyant femininity of the 50s, but with added frills like layers of meringue. 1980’s bridal gowns took a turn for the colourful: blush pinks, pastel peach and apricots, even mints and mauves were popular colours in this decade.

Our 1980’s dress shouts out all of these details. Puffed sleeves, pastel floral detailing, princess bodice and full gathered skirt and layer upon layer of ruffles. It still succeeds in being a stunning dress for the bride who wants to be noticed.


If you fancy yourself as a vintage bride and would like to see firsthand the beautiful dresses Oxfam can offer, why not visit our premiere Bridal Pop-Up Shop on 25th March? We’d love to see you there and can’t wait to find the perfect dress to suit your vintage style.

Head over to our Facebook event to find out more!

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My Favourite Vintage Finds from ReFashion: Oxford’s Sustainable Fashion Event for 2017

ReFashion took place on Saturday in Oxford Town Hall, an event dedicated to encouraging people to reuse and upcycle their clothes for a more sustainable way of life. Oxfam Broad Street were lucky enough to be invited to take part in the event and as I am a long time shop volunteer I headed down to help on the stall. When we arrived, we discovered we were even luckier as we had the best position in the whole venue – we were right next to the cake sale! Yum! After setting up the stand and munching my way through a slice of vegan chocolate and raspberry cake I looked around at the other stalls.

The venue had an amazing atmosphere being full of ethical pioneers and independent business women selling their own crafts. Some of my favourite crafts included notebooks with old Monopoly and Cluedo cards as covers and some reusable fabric sandwich bags made by a woman wearing the most fantastic dungarees I’ve ever seen made from an old bedspread. A large corner of the venue held a clothes swap and there was a catwalk where primary schools, design colleges and independent designers showed their upcycled clothing throughout the day. 

Our stall had a flow of customers with our first sale happening within five minutes of the event opening. We had lots of people coming over to the stand to admire the amazing picks that our manager Dage had selected from the shop’s donations. I have picked out a few of my favourites from our stand to share with you all. It was a tricky decision to choose what pieces to feature as there were so many unique and beautiful items on our stall, all selling to help fight poverty. My ultimate favourite piece was a pale blue
boned and petticoated ballgown featuring blue and yellow flowers which I was incredibly tempted to buy just for the purpose of putting on in my bedroom and spinning around in it screaming “I’m a princess!” like a 3-year-old.  However, I decided it was far too nice to be hidden away in my wardrobe and I hope it will have found a worthy home where a genuine Cinderella can wear it to their ball!

Three of our favourite accessories, gloves, jewllery and bags

Three of our favourite dresses and gowns

Three of our favourite tops, waistcoats, cardigans and jackets

Three of our favourite skirts

Photos of Oxford Town Hall and our stall on the day of ReFashion

We feel that the day was a success and hope that those of you who attended will agree. Oxfam was honoured to share our passion for sustainable fashion with a such an amazing group of like-minded people and hope to see you all again next year!

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Bridal Pop Up Shop Behind The Scenes

In celebration of Oxfam’s first ever Bridal pop up shop at Batley on the 25th of March 2017 our Sustainable Fashion Events Specialist, Deborah Anderson, is sharing her advice for brides-to-be with us in this series of Oxfam Wedding Blog Posts. Find more details of the event here 


Have you ever wanted to try on all of the vintage bridal gowns Oxfam has to offer in one day; just to see how you’ll look in each style? Well, now you can! Oxfam are ready to launch their premiere Bridal Pop-Up Shop on the 25th March 2017… and we’re now able to offer you a sneak peek behind the scenes.

You may not know this! Shh! Oxfam has a huge bridal showroom (in Batley, near Leeds). Its scale and range is one-of-a-kind in the UK. It’s here, at this showroom, that we’ll be opening our doors for one day only on 25th March.

For weeks, Natalie and I have been carefully curating the most beautiful, rare and unusual bridal pieces. This is quite a challenge considering the hundreds of items we have to choose from. We can’t help falling in love with each one! We’re catering to every shape and size of woman; whether you love the curvy fit ‘n’ flare shapes of the 1950s, or the slim, column shapes and mermaid hems of contemporary looks.

Our speciality really is the array of vintage styles we can offer, from the antique 1920’s silk slip dress through to the stunning all-over lace maxi gowns of the 1970s. With the best of the nation’s donations to hand, we can help you source a truly show stopping vintage or BNWT designer piece at a fraction of the cost.

If it’s the wedding décor that’s still on the to-do list, Natalie has also been unearthing a treasure trove of wedding venue treats. How about some vintage linen tablecloths, neatly embroidered with bright flowers, or antique lace doilies to create a centre piece or wedding favours?

In case you were wondering, my role has been looking after the day hospitality (sparkly drinks, cupcakes and goody bags!) It’s a hard life, I know! I’ve been super busy promoting the event itself, making sure that we all have a fun-filled day with lots of laughter, and lots of happy brides-to-be! Sally has been helping me do this with some amazing shots for social media!

Don’t forget, Oxfam’s Bridal Pop Up Shop is not only a chance to find an inimitable wedding dress, but an opportunity to make a real impact on ending poverty. Did you know that by purchasing your wedding dress from Oxfam you could provide, for example, clean and safe water for 200 people?

If you like what you’ve seen so far, follow us on Twitter @OxfamOnlineBTLY  or Facebook @OxfamOnline.Batley for more behind-the-scenes updates and inspirational bridal looks.

Can’t wait till the event? Check out our online collection.

Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

Oxfam Weddings: Picking The Perfect Dress

In celebration of Oxfam’s first ever Bridal pop up shop at Batley on the 25th of March 2017 our Sustainable Fashion Events Specialist, Deborah Anderson, is sharing her advice for brides-to-be with us in this series of Oxfam Wedding Blog Posts. Find more details of the event here

Oxfam Weddings

Choosing the perfect dress for your special day can be overwhelming, especially when there are so many styles. We are here to end your wedding dress woes with this body shape blog post. Finding the right style for your body shape is important, not only so that you look beautiful but so that you can feel confident and comfortable all day long! Here’s a quick and simple guide to give you an idea of what dress styles are likely to flatter you.

Picking the perfect dress for a pear shaped body

This body shape would look lovely with shorter or A line dresses; fitted bodices that flatter the waist and fuller skirts that flow down to the knee or ankle. Think 50’s styles or if vintage isn’t your thing, there are plenty of contemporary styles that would fit the bill perfectly.

Picking the perfect dress for a straight shaped body

This body shape is elegantly flattered by column dresses, empire lines and long floaty skirts, expressing a tall graceful figure. Don’t be put off by their simplicity; these dresses can be beautifully embellished with embroidered detail or alternative necklines.

Picking the perfect dress for an apple shaped body

Channel your inner Cinderella with puffy netted ball gowns and sweetheart necklines or go for the elegance of A line dresses with flowing full skirts and shaped bodices to compliment your curves.

Picking the perfect dress for an hourglass shaped body

Wearing a fit & flare or fishtail dress could be a beautiful option, as it will fully highlight the hourglass shape. A ball gown style dress would be an equally elegant choice.

Oxfam have hundreds of dresses to pick from, varying from vintage and alternative to designer brands to brand new with tags, so you are sure to find your dream dress! Why not come along to our first ever bridal pop up shop on the 25th March to make those dreams come true. Find more details of the event here

(Images from Dresser Bridal)


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Fashion Fighting Poverty at London Fashion Week 2017

Last night for the opening of London Fashion Week a star studded crowd flocked to see what looks stylist Bay Garnett had pulled together from Oxfam’s donated clothes. Oxo Tower provided a striking venue with its stripped graffitied walls, chipped iron beams and uncovered light bulbs becoming the backdrop to the Fashion Fighting Poverty catwalk. I was lucky enough to be in the audience on behalf of the fashion blog to give me a chance to share my favourite looks from the night with you all. 

The show opened with the cheerful beats of The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m In Love’ and Stella Tennant strode out in an oversized suit setting the tone for the night as one of celebration of preloved ethical fashion. Throughout the show Bay embraced this sort of androgynous style breaking down the boundaries of gender in fashion. The catwalk never limited itself to one style, touching on Eighties and Bohemian-Chic, with everything from evening dresses to more everyday tops and jeans. The last three models held an ethereal haunting beauty in white dresses from Oxfam’s wedding
collection. Despite the delicacy of their dresses the style was as powerful as the suits from the opening. Bay has proven without doubt that the versatility of preloved fashion can make a statement in the high fashion world. 

This metallic teal dress features a dipped hem layered over a mini skirt that is right on trend for the Spring/Summer style of 2017. This dress was a definite favourite of mine due to its eye-catching design and the pop of colour it brought into the catwalk. 

The combination of this unique hand-crocheted vest top with a patchwork maxi skirt brought a twist of bohemian chic to the show. 

Vogue’s Spring/Summer Trends for 2017 declared that Eighties fashion is back in business! Catwalks have once again been embracing the oversized silhouettes, puffed sleeves and metallic fabrics that were distinctive of the decade. Garnett has fully committed to this trend with this look, right down to the crimped hair and oversized earrings. Shopping preloved gives you a chance to find genuine vintage pieces that will help you go big so you don’t have to go home! (Image by Karen Murphy) 

This look embodied the androgynous tom-boy style that Garnett weaved in throughout the show. A simple shirt and black trousers were topped with a statement military jacket featuring bold gold toned buttons and an embellished sleeve. 

This evening look proves that preloved fashion can defiantly handle glamour. Irregular hemlines are reportedly going to once again be a staple in 2017 with designers such as Simone Rocha taking full advantage of them in their Spring/Summer collections. Bay’s black and metallic look shows how you can still stay on trend when buying second hand. 

The must have bag for the season, the Oxfam shopping bag! This outfit left a lasting impression on many of the crowd as its quirky combination of a two piece tartan suit and over the knee sports socks echoed the iconic style worn by Alicia Silverstone in the ’90s classic rom-com Clueless. (Image by Sinbad Phgura) 

The multi-puffed sleeves on this vintage wedding dress bring an ethereal beauty to this look. This dress features a delicate lace waist-band that would make it perfect for any bride wanting a unique look on their wedding day. 

The look that stole the show for me was ultimately Erin O’Connor in this stunning wedding gown. Wrapped around with a subtle layer of pale pink chiffon and featuring a full skirt and train you could just as easily imagine this piece gracing a red carpet as you could an aisle. This will definitely make a fabulous statement wedding dress for some lucky bride. 

The audience, including fashion journalist Hilary Alexander, take in the unique styles Bay has created. 

Stella Tennant, Erin O’Connor, Bella Freud and Iris Palmer hang out backstage before modelling in the show. (Image by Bay Garnett)

Every item of clothing that is sold in our shops raises money for Oxfam to continue doing it’s vital and amazing work around the world. Oxfam is currently raising money for victims of humanitarian crises all over the world including those in Yemen, Iraq and Syria. The sale of a £10 dress is enough to cover the costs of clean, safe drinking water for 10 people during an emergency or to buy a mosquito net to protect from the risk of a malaria so you know what you buy can really make a difference. 

Join in the buzz and view our Fashion Fighting Poverty twitter moment or join the conversation tweet @OxfamFashion or use the hashtag #FoundInOxfam to show off your own Oxfam finds. 

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Charity Fashion Live – What’s It All About?

Oxfam Blogger, Georgina Rawes tells us why she will be tuning into Charity Fashion Live this Saturday

London Fashion Week kicks off this Friday. Fashionistas and celebrities will flock to the FROW to see which trends will be sweeping the catwalk.

However, not all of us will be able to afford the clothing on show at LFW. That shouldn’t stop us from thinking that we can’t imitate the styles. Fashion stylist Emma Edmondson, launched slow fashion initiative, Charity Fashion Live last year, to show how easy it can be.

This Saturday, she will be putting her experience as a stylist to use again, recreating looks from London Fashion Week, as it happens. This year Emma and her team will be based at a Barnardo’s charity shop, using whatever clothing and accessories happen to be there, to copy key looks from the catwalk.

People can tune into the live stream this Saturday on social media, showing that everything has been put together on the spot. 

Charity Fashion Live 2017

Why is this important?

The point is to show that pre-loved clothing can be fun, fashionable and on-trend.

Clothing should be long-lasting and treasured, not thrown away after one occasion. The production of fast and cheap fashion is putting a worrying strain on the environment. The Fashion Industry is now the second biggest polluter in the world, only second to the oil industry.

#CFL is a light-hearted way to get us thinking about the benefits of slow fashion. Shopping in charity shops is a great way to support positive causes, spend a little less and recycle and reuse clothing rather than chucking it away.

Find out more about Charity Fashion Live & tune in this Saturday.

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Fantastic Fashion and Where to Find it

You are now entering a spoiler-free zone – no Fantastic Beasts plot points were harmed in the writing of this article!

J.K. Rowling’s new film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them lets us experience an amazing world beyond what we know, not only in its magical creatures, but also in its depiction of 1920s America. As a vintage fashion lover I couldn’t help but feel inspired by the rich variety of clothing that gave such an authentic feel to the setting. I searched Oxfam’s Online Shop to put together four outfits that will have you looking fantastic whether you want to wear them for work or play or as a DIY costume for cosplay.

The 1920s, when the film is set, saw a huge change in women’s fashion as they began to hit the workforce for the first time after the tragic loss of men’s lives on the front-line of World War One. Women began to wear the same suits as men and, although Rowling hints that wizards may be more advanced than us mere muggles in their inclusion of women in the work-force, we see the trend for wide lapelled jackets and oversized trousers folded up at the hems in career-girl Tina’s wardrobe. However, we still see hints of the traditions of feminine fashion in her look as the deep
cut of her suit jacket, designed to display a man’s waistcoat, is instead filled with ruffled blouses and a statement gold pendant. My favourite item of hers was a pair of kitten heeled boots and although the pair I’ve selected from the Online Shop are more ‘hungry tigress’ than ‘kitten’ I loved the unique use of lacing up the front.

Photo of grey jacket, white blouse, felt hat, black boots,

 Grey Jacket, Size 10 £12.99 Jaeger Cream Blouse, Size M £24.99 Tyrolean Wool Hat, £19.99 Heart Pendant £6.99 Dark Grey Trousers £8.99 Leather Boots, Size 4 £40.00

Big hearted Newt Scamander’s wardrobe is a fabulous mix of quirky but practical, with my favourite items of his being his thick wool coat and well-worn boots. I’ve taken inspiration from him to put together this outfit, with a slight designer twist, featuring a gorgeous pair of Dolce & Gabbana brown lace-up boots. Oxfam is a great place to look if you want to find a suit, either for everyday office use or for a special occasion, as they have a wide selection of affordable designer and high-street suits.

Photo of blue coat, grey suit, check waistcoat, brown boots, bow-tie and dress shirt.

 Dolce & Gabbana Boots, Size 7 £100.00 Checked Waistcoat, Size M £18.99 Grey Suit, Size S £39.99 Silk Bow Tie, £6.99 Navy Blue Wool Coat, Size M £42.00 Ted Baker Dress Shirt, Size XL £19.99

Tina’s sister Queenie brings some 1920s glitz and glamour into the film featuring dusky rose pinks and deep navy blues in satin and velvet. I’ve put together an outfit that I think would appeal to Queenie’s love of luxury which would be ideal for wearing to a cocktail party or any other special occasion. But these items aren’t just for one off wear  ̶  check out our faux fur styling tips for ways to incorporate this jacket into your everyday look this winter. 

Photo of navy satin dress, pink faux fur jacket, grey heels, pink satin clutch and sand coloured scarf.

Navy Satin Dress, Size 6 £12.00 Pink Faux Fur Jacket, Size S £19.99 Satin Clutch, £16.49 Grey Sandals, Size 7 £35.00 Sand Silk Scarf, £5.99

Jacob’s look is classic for the era containing elements that have remained the staple for formal wear to this day. The waistcoat and Calvin Klein Shirt I’ve selected would be perfect for wearing to a wedding for any season and could be worn again and again with different jackets and ties.

Photo of tweed suit, pinstripe shirt, red tie, brown shoes and grey waistcoat.

Grey Waistcoat, Size S £16.99 Tweed Suit, Size 40M £45.00 Calvin Klein Pinstripe Shirt, 40M £16.99 Red Silk Tie, £9.99 Brown Oxford Shoes, Size 6 £10.99

Picture credits for character photographs:

Tina, Yahoo Movies

Newt, ©Heyday Films/ Warner Bros

Queenie, Warner Bros

Jacob, The Leaky Cauldron/ Pottermore

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