From Waste to a Work of Art: Ideas for Upcycling Textiles

Have you ever wondered what to do with a lovely piece of clothing or home furnishing fabric after it reaches the end of its useful life? There really is no need to throw it away, it can be recycled into something beautiful, not only giving you a piece of art for your home but also an enjoyable activity in the process of creating it. Can’t part with old clothes, or simply can’t find the right material for your creation? Why not try your local Oxfam?

Look out for striking colours, patterns and texture in materials or clothing to add interest to your creation. Not only does it spare you the expense of buying new materials but you are also supporting those in need. Here are a few artists that use textiles in their art work to inspire you!

David Agenjo specialises in layering texture and colour with a focus on the human body. This school lesson plan  on Collaboroo  explores art with materials and textures inspired by David and shows how a self-portrait can be created using upcycled fabrics and paint.

Louise Baldwin is a textile artist known for her combination of found imagery, colour and domestic packaging used alongside fabric to create rich wall hangings. She doesn’t plan her design in advance, instead adding layers and manipulating and sewing them until they look right. You can see Louise’s work on The Sixty Two Group of
textile artists


Mandy Patullo uses collage techniques in textile art. She is particularly interested in patching and piecing together fabrics or using paper ephemera and layering in her printmaking. She follows her own ‘thread and thrift’ vision by sourcing vintage fabrics and quilts to recycle into her own work.

Bethan Ash creates bold, bright and eye-catching pieces inspired by relatable social and popular culture including consumer goods combined with abstract ideas.

Jo Deeley is a textile artist who works with different textures and methods to create sculptural shapes and designs. She incorporates 3D designs into her work using traditional methods including weaving, knitting, plaiting and knotting, as well as more unconventional techniques like folding and pressing fabric.

Image of artwork

Top tips for upcycling fabric into art

  • Follow your instincts. There are no rules ­­­- you can combine your fabric with any other mediums and fix as you like using glue, staples or stitching.
  • Gather a variety of different textiles before you begin your creation. Old clothes and textiles from your wardrobe or your local Oxfam is a good place to start. Try asking at the till to see if they have any fabrics that would be heading to textile recycling that you could buy for a cheaper rate.
  • Look out for interesting trims, threads, buttons and fastenings to add interest to textile collages. Check the Homewares section of your local Oxfam or Oxfam Online Shop too for extra sewing supplies and crafting materials.
  • Consider different ways of manipulating textiles to create your art work. Gathering, shredding and fraying, knotting, plaiting, folding and layering will help you to create a 3D piece of art.
  • Use a sketch book to draft out your ideas before you begin but you don’t have to replicate your initial images – a piece of art can develop as you work on it.

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Stylist Jenny Brownlees Shares Her Take On This Seasons Trends


Guest Blog: Stylist Jenny Brownlees Shares Her

Take On This Seasons Trends

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4 Tips to Help You Slay your Festival Fashion Look

Festival season is upon us once again! And the question what to wear becomes even more intense than ever…  Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd and be as instagrammable as possible. Don’t fret because Oxfam Batley Online will give you the best tips on how to prepare for the festival!

Dress to Impress without the inconvience

1.       Start early. As you’ve probably heard before preparation is key. Well the same is true of fashion – you don’t want to go to into shopping frenzy at the last minute. Few months before the festival, look for inspiration on Instagram, Pinterest & other apps. Note any trends that are going on – and plan accordingly. The Oxfam Festival Shop’s social is a great place to start! Follow them on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

2.       Be comfortable. We can’t stress this one enough. If you’re at a festival for days, the last thing you want is feeling out of your place with uncomfortable clothing. That said, it’s not advisable to go to a festival in high – heels unless you want your feet to be covered in blisters and trampled down by thousands of festival goers. Wellies are our top choice to ensure a fun filled festival.

Good footwear for a festival

3.       Be creative. Festival fashion is a great way to expresses yourself, it’s all about freedom, fun & creativity. Try to reflect those qualities into your outfit choices. Shimmery glitter, floaty dresses, distressed denim, crop tops, band tees & braids are all great festival pieces. Liven up your look with crazy colours, and don’t forget to accessorize!

Denim and Sequins - Creative festival style

4.    Most of all have fun! Festival time is the time to experiment with your looks, and discover new trends. So mix and match your outfits, be brave and party like there’s no tomorrow!

Make fresh looks by combineing styles

Shop the festival look now at or visit one of our festival pop shops at Boardmasters, Leeds Festival and Bestival. All welcome!

 This blog post was written by Oxfam Batley Volunteer Deimante:

“Hi! My name is Deimante, and I’m from Huddersfield (originally from Lithuania). I’m a second year student at University of Huddersfield studying Fashion Communication and Promotion – love it! I’m a sometime fashion blogger and currently on a placement with Oxfam Batley Online listing clothes online and managing social media & PR.”

Find out more about how you can volunteer here.

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Glastonbury Round Up 2017 – The Oxfam Shop Edition!

Each year the Oxfam festival team make the journey down to Somerset to assemble four Oxfam shops with four different themes, types of stock and targeted consumer in the hopes of raising as much money as possible for Oxfam’s many causes. This year we battled the hottest Glasto set up of all time and raised a record amount of money for the Festival shop! Here is a blog post to sum up our time at the festival and to mention some of my own highlights. If you want to take a sneaky look at some of the goodies in our shops check out my last blog .

Oxfam’s Glastonbury Shops:


Oxfam Shop at Glade, Glastonbury

If you visited our shop in the Glade area of Glastonbury then you will know that it was a one-stop-shop for sleeping bags, wellies, socks and a dip into our £3 hat bucket (because why not). This year’s Glade shop had a 60’s ‘summer of love’ theme which was perfectly fitting for the weather. We stocked floral dresses and fake fur and sheepskin coats, which were, as always, popular amongst male customers and they pulled them off in true style.


Oxfam Shop at Park, Glastonbury

If you were in the market for some ‘Wavy Garms’ then our shop in the Park area would have been perfect for you. Stocking everything from one off  vintage items to retro branded goods like Levi Jackets, Adidas tracksuits to name a few, Park catered to the eclectic tastes of Glastonbury’s hipsters. This year we also featured hand painted jackets created by some of our volunteers, these were popular amongst people wanting to get their hands on a one-off creation.

Treasure Trove

Oxfam Shop at Treasure Trove, Glastonbury

This year we said goodbye to one of our shops, Pom Pom Palace and said hello instead to Treasure Trove!  A shop that was filled with the best sparkle and gems that we could find. The shop’s new concept was embraced by everyone with free glitter being done by our Oxfam campaigns team.


4th Shop (Interstage)

Oxfam Shop Interstage, Glastonbury

Our 4th shop was located in the interstage area between the Pyramid and Other stage of Glastonbury, catering to journalists and VIPs it stocking items like Cashmere jumpers, Barbour jackets and vintage/ boutique gems. With previous customers like Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw this year’s celeb visitors included Matt Smith, Dan from Bastille Blossoms, Black Honey and photographer Charlotte Patmore.

Oxfam Festival Shop Team at Glastonbury 2017

Overall it was an amazing year for the me and the shop, Thank you to all our amazing volunteers who made the running of the shops as smooth as ever and thanks to all our amazing customers who helped us raise an amazing amount of money for Oxfam. See you all in 2019!

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8 Fun No Sew DIY Crafts to Do With Your Kids In The Holidays

As Oxfam’s shops are currently focusing on all things child friendly I decided to have a hunt of Oxfam’s archives to see what DIY ideas my fellow bloggers have created that can help you entertain your children this holiday.

Shop Quality Kids Clothing With the Oxfam Online Shop

Pom-Pom Critters

DIY Pom pom animals

Image Credit: Pom-pom tutorial Kelly O’Conor, pom-pom creatures & animals from Pinterest


Help your little ones follow fashion blogger Kelly’s easy guide to make a bunch of different pom-poms. From there grab some glue and a collection of googly eyes, pipe cleaners, scraps of card and felt or anything else you can think of and let them get creative! I’ve created a Pinterest board full of ideas from these very on-trend emojis to little critters with feet and googly eyes from bugs to bunnies and monsters to
minions! There are endless possibilities.

Friendship Bracelets

Make Yarn and Thread Bracelets

Whether your kids make these as gifts or keep them for themselves they will love filling their arm with all these coloured strands. We have two tutorials on the blog, Boatemaa’s plaited one with beading or Emma’s tutorial for knotted or wrapped braids.

Personalised Top

DIY Customised Personalised Top

This can be a great way to get kids loving the clothes they wear – let them design them themselves! First of all they need to create a design so let them get to work cutting and sticking, drawing, painting, whatever they like to do best. Then just photograph or scan their design to get a digital version which you can crop and edit to get it looking its best. From there Cassiefairy’s tutorial will give you all the instructions you need to transform their design into a top. Just make sure you
takeover for the ironing stage!

Summer Wreath

Make a Summer or Winter Wreath

Ok I know, I know wreaths are supposed to be Christmassy! But I think this simple design by Cassiefairy can be adapted to any season. Choose bright sunshiney colours to create the perfect decoration to add so cute colour to a barbeque party. You could even knock up some matching bunting to pull the décor together. Cut triangles of fabric with pinking shears and fold bias binding along the top edge, sewing or sticking it down, and voila you’re done!

Make a Stock of Homemade Gift Tags and Cards

Card Making Ideas

Not only can card making be a fun way to fill your little ones time but it will come in handy once your back in term time and need to send that last minute birthday or thank you card without out loosing that personal touch. You can busy pre-folded blank cards from craft shops or just DIY your own by halving sheets of card. Then let the kids get to work! Our bloggers have come up with all sorts of ideas to get their creative juices flowing from Liz’s cut and stick collage technique to SJP’s cross-stitch idea or Emily’s cut out designs  they’re sure to find something. You can even recycle old cards into gift tags too as Liz shows you here.

Finger Knitting

Finger Knitting How To

If your little ones are more on the patient side then Liz’s guide to finger knitting might be a great way for them to get a new skill and a new scarf without need to buy any new equipment! If your kids love loom-bands then this is one they could really enjoy, with the added bonus that you won’t be using lots of non-biodegradable plastics to make this.

Clip In Hair Braid

DIY Feathered Hair Braid

As a 90s child these were all the rage in my primary school days! These clip in hair braids are a fab way to add a pop of removable colour to your kids hair letting them explore the wild side of their style! Made using reclaimed fabric and thread they’re really easy to make and are perfect if you’re heading to any family festivals this summer. Alternatively you can use one of the friendship bracelet ideas to make a thread one instead.

Junk Toy Challenge

Make Recycled Toys

Photos by: John Ferguson, Eleanor Farmer & Annie Bungeroth.

The children that Oxfam works with often don’t have the luxury of having toys to play with so they reclaim materials from around them to make their own. This summer Oxfam is challenging kids to do just that and share the end result on Twitter with the #junktoychallenge. Find materials that would otherwise be thrown away, empty milk cartoons or cardboard boxes and let them make their own toy to play with. If you share their finished creation before midday on Friday 28th July then they could be in with a chance to win some chocolate and see their toy featured in Oxfam’s new
newspaper. Find out more information here.

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Animal Homewares: Using Charity Shops to Find Bargain Unique Pieces

In my previous blog post  I talked about my love for all things wicker. Wicker, pottery, brass and copper…there are some things that I will always look for, but then there are those items that you end up taking home that you never dreamed you’d find (quite literally because they are so bonkers that you couldn’t have dreamed them up). Recently, I have re-homed quite a few of said items, and there seems to be an
accidental animal theme I have going on…

I shop alone. Charity shopping means one-off treasures, and I cannot risk a friend beating me to the punch! However, recently I agreed to go charity shopping with my best friend. As we approached the bric-a-brac section our eyes landed on the same item. Two elderly women were chatting in front of the shelving and had to part like the Red Sea so that we could get closer. There it was, a whale teapot. Yes, you read that right.

Fortunately for me, my friend is ‘frugal’ to say the least, and didn’t like the £12 price tag. I on the other hand, thought it was too amazing to leave behind. I knew that if this piece was on the high-street it would cost a lot more, and also it wouldn’t seem as special knowing other people would have it (all I need now is a set of dolphin-shaped tea cups, so if you see any…).

whale teapot and fish print from oxfam

My whale teapot photographed with a ‘fish’ print also found in a local Oxfam for £2.99


My next charity shop find was a large white elephant-shaped vase for £3.50. This one is a bit of a strange one – the neck of the vase is really narrow, but I think this could look great with either brightly coloured flowers or maybe a cactus. Admittedly, it’s a little on the unusual side, but there’s something about it being a clean white ceramic piece that makes it seem classic. I can see this working in both a brightly coloured home in-front of a richly coloured bold-print wallpaper, or equally in a more subdued environment, and really for that price it’s worth taking
home and trying out.

elephant vase and floral oil painting

My elephant vase pictured with an oil painting also found in local charity shop for £4.00


This week I hit the jackpot and finally found a pair of china mantelpiece dogs! I have wanted some for as long as I can remember, but the only ones I’ve seen have been in antiques shops for a much heftier price tag and these were just £5.99 each. I really love a twist on the traditional. We’ve recently seen china dogs get a couture make-over; emblazoned on sweaters and blazers by Gucci (Alessandro Michele can do no wrong). Pieces like this are always a talking point – people remember them in their childhood home, or
tell you that they have inherited a pair. I love seeing how pieces like this work just as well in a modern home.

All of these pieces I have found are certainly Marmite objects – you’ll either love them or hate them, but at these kind of prices what’s the harm in taking them home and seeing how they fit?

mantle piece dogs and glass vases with feathers

One of my china dogs arranged with glass bottles found in a ditch (!) and feathers found on walks


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Get a Sneak Peek of the Treats in Oxfam’s Glastonbury Shops

It’s the final countdown to Glastonbury, the weather forecasts are on our side and the line-up is looking as beautiful as ever. What could be better?

We’ll be back in the Somerset fields this weekend, bringing you Oxfam treats you won’t be able to say no to. From RuPaul-friendly glitz in Treasure Trove to Bowie-loving leather jackets in The Park, the festival shops have you covered this Glasto!

Glastonbury Style at Park Shop Oxfam


For everything on the wavy spectrum, head to our shop in the Park area. If you’re wanting denim jackets, funky patterned shirts or some fancy jumpsuits then you know where to head!

We’ve even reworked some denim and leather jackets, so if you’re in need of a one-off statement addition to your outfit then you better head down quick. You can, of course, follow our DIY to make your own too.

Glastonbury Style at Park Shop Oxfam

Treasure Trove

This year, we’ve goodbye to the Pom Pom Palace, and said hello to the Treasure Trove. It’s located in the William’s Green area, by the meeting point.

Expect dragtastic glitter and sequins everywhere! From a fully sequined LBD to a gold trench coat even Eurovision’s Verka Serduchka would be jealous of, this shop is the place to be when you’re in need of a sparkle top-up.

Glastonbury Style at Treasure Trove Shop Oxfam


We’re turning the Glade shop into a flower power wonderland. There’ll be 70s florals everywhere, so make sure you’re a part of the revival of the summer of love. It’ll be full of huge floral prints, Hawaiian shirts and hippy trousers galore.

As well as the 70s love, we’ll also be stocking sleeping bags, wellies and socks for all your festival needs! It’ll be a one-stop-shop for all your fashion possibilities (and emergencies).

Glastonbury Style at Glade Shop Oxfam


For those lucky enough to have access to the interstage area between the Pyramid and Other stages, make sure to pay us a visit. Previous years have seen the likes of Alexa Chung and Nick Grimshaw have a look at our Barbour jackets, cashmere jumpers and boutique garms. Will Young even bought a beautiful Jaeger jacket to add to his festival

This year’s stock includes a bold pair of leather trousers, a beautiful tapestry skirt and wavy patterned dress that we restyled into a top!


Glastonbury Style at Interstage Shop Oxfam

Be sure to visit us this weekend, and tag us at @OxfamFestShop on both Twitter and Instagram along with the hashtag #foundinoxfam so we can see all your finds. Also, keep an eye on our feeds as we’ll be updating you on everything fashion, music and Oxfam throughout the festival. Let’s just hope there’s no mention of mud this weekend!

Not going to Glastonbury but still want a bit of festival style? Check out our festival collection on the Online Shop.

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‘Dressed By The Kids’ Stylist Dr. Manrutt Wongkaew Talks to Us about Creating the Campaign

Manrutt Wongkaew, stylist for Oxfam’s Dressed By the Kids Campaign, 2017, is a doctor of fashion and dance. He worked alongside the incredible hairstylist Anne Veck and make-up artist, Lauren Kay,  to create a fantastic vision of what Dressed By the Kids looks like in 2017.  He shares his passion for playful colour in his fashion with us today.  Dressed by the Kids happens Friday 16th June so get your kids, nephews, nieces, grandchildren or family friends on board and get ready!


Dinner Ladies

“I see life in full colour. It gives me joy and vitalises me with immense energy. Having worked in fashion corporates where colours were discouraged, I decided to depart from this type of environment and be true to myself. I am a man of colour and I carry vibrant cultural heritage. I believe in colour and it is my vision to return colours back to fashion and the people.

My name is Dr. Manrutt Wongkaew. I am a doctor of fashion and dance. I help independent brands and fashion businesses grow their visual strengths to compete against conglomerate power and fast fashion trends. My features have been included in British GQ, Vogue and The Telegraph. My work is never about fashion, but rather how I push the boundaries of the art-form to connect with the light and shade of human emotion.


When I received a phone call from Oxfam, I was over the moon. It’s an absolute honour to be asked by the team to style their Dressed By The Kids 2017 national campaign. I turned up with 2 large suitcases filled with vibrant accessories and 2 clothes rails full of rainbow-wear, all sourced and hand-picked from the Oxfam warehouse in Milton Keynes. At the shoot, I juxtaposed proportion, pattern and colour to deconstruct visual perceptions of what is conceived as professional attire. A pink teacups baseball cap was worn with a floral retro gown, finished with pink boxing gloves. This was how I dressed my dinner lady. For mum, a wedding dress was married to a pirate hat and accessorised with an oversized pom-pom Hello Kitty necklace. A schoolteacher had a ball as I gave her a globe chained-necklace to be worn with lemon feathered bowler hat whilst her colleague enjoyed a brew in his superhero bathrobe worn over cricket shin pads. The work allows me to be in touch with my inner child and I have let little Manny run wild with his creative imagination. It is not only a fun day at the shoot but it is also my absolute pleasure to help Oxfam fighting poverty with my art. And what a successful campaign it was!

Dropping Off At School


After the shoot, Dressed by the Kids 2017 organiser Kelly O’Connor called me Colour Warrior – a name I hold dear to my heart. The name has inspired me to write a Colour Warrior manifesto which sets its objectives to a) embrace diversity and celebrate individual values; b) to support local artists and fashion start-ups here in the UK; and c) to build an alternative fashion system that is inclusive, nurturing and abuse-free. It warms my heart that Oxfam has seen my value and allowed me to be part of their exciting campaign. Colour has its healing power. Find your inner warrior. Be colourful. Be yourself. Embrace diversity and be the change. Together, we will create another world and live life in full colour. Thank you, Oxfam, for inspiring me on this journey.”

Inspired by Manrutt to let your little ones play stylist for the day? Sign up and share your pledge to join in and pictures of you on the day with #DressedByTheKids on Twitter and Instagram!


Share the Facebook Event and get your friends taking part!

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Gemma Cairney and the Rumble in the Jumble Team Are Back for 2017

Rumble in the Jumble, London’s biggest Celebrity Jumble Sale was back again this year hosted by the wonderful Gemma Cairney. The Radio One DJ has run this annual Music Circle jumble sale since 2011 to raise money for Oxfam GB with donations to the sale coming in from big names including Kate Moss, Mark Ronson and Dawn O’Porter. The money raised at this years’ Rumble went to Oxfam’s refugee crisis, you can learn more about the amazing work Oxfam does to help refugees worldwide here. I was lucky enough
to be able to attend on behalf of Oxfam Fashion to keep the Twittersphere in the know about the crazy energy and amazing finds selling for Oxfam at the event. I’ve put together some of my top photos and finds from the sale so, whether you couldn’t make it but still want to get a nosey at the loot or whether you attended and want to relive the joy of the day, you can. 

Rumble In The Jumble 2017

The event is hosted in the Oval Circle in London’s Bethnal Green, a wonderfully quirky area of London hidden away from the trudge of tourists, complete with everything from colourful graffiti to specialist cacti shops. The queue for the Rumble was already halfway down the street a full half an hour before the Rumble was due to start. 

Fearne Cotton and Millie Mackintosh Donated Bags

Buyers were keeping their eyes peeled for those handwritten brown tags that announced celebrity status for the donated item such as this gorgeous blue bag donated by Mille Mackintosh from Made In Chelsea. You could also find bags given as part of a very generous donation by the lovely Fearne Cotton.  

Florence and the Machine Dress, Kate Moss Dungarees and Denim Jacket

Other celebrity finds included this floaty cream and gold detailed dress given by Florence Welch a.k.a. Florence and the Machine. Kate Moss gave several fabulously unique items like this punk-esque pinned denim jacket and cute pair of dungarees dotted with rabbits, guinea-pigs and blue stars.  

Alan Davies Katherine Ryan and Deborah Frances-White

Donations also came in from Deborah Frances-White, host of the Guilty Feminist, stand-up comedian Katherine Ryan and QI’s Alan Davies even included a signed photograph with his shirt.    

Cake and Clothes Rumble In The Jumble

For those who weren’t after a celebrity status to their outfits there was plenty of fashion finds for everyone to enjoy, from vintage to brand-new high-street. There was even a cake stand letting me continue the tradition I started at Re-Fashion of tucking into huge slices of vegan cake whenever I attend an Oxfam sale, in this case a cherry-chocolate brownie, yum!

Oxfam Festival Shop and Shoes

Of course the lovely festival shop team were also at the event bringing in their hand-selected choice of clothing from Oxfam’s donated range. It was so great to see Fran and her team of volunteers giving their all to support this fab event. If you loved their stall check them out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Bric-a-Brac Meerkat Books Bag Converse

In true jumble sale style the stalls weren’t just limited to clothing with all sorts of bric-a-brac, from books, to toys, making their way onto the tables for browsing by the crowds. My favourite was this adorable pink fluffy bug bag and I am very jealous of whoever took this fella home! 

Rumble In The Jumble Fashion Event

Did you come to Rumble In The Jumble this year? Did you miss it and wish you hadn’t? Let me know in the comments or get in touch with @OxfamFashion on Twitter. Don’t forget to share any pictures of your finds from the day with #RITJ and #foundinoxfam

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My Favourite Fashion Picks from Oxfam’s Day at Geek Fest: Marvel and More!

On Saturday 4th March, I went as a part of the Oxfam Festival Shop Team to our first Geek Festival held at Elsecar Heritage Centre, near Barnsley.

I was really looking forward to seeing what outfits people had chosen to wear for the day. I went dressed in a Steam-Punk style outfit and enjoyed allowing others to see a more fun side of me. I have noticed over the years how popular Steam-Punk fashion has become with its great modernized Victorian look. There are more events related to Steam-Punk, such as Whitby Goth weekend and other events around Yorkshire.

Steampunk style and Oxfam's pop up shop

The main focus of the event was the cos-players, from Marvel characters, including Spider Man, Thor, Iron Man to characters from Game of Thrones. The atmosphere was brilliant; it was full of mad, quirky and friendly people out to have a good time with their friends and families. It was also a fun day for the kids too; they could have a photo with their favourite cos-play characters and have a photo with Doctor Who characters and the TARDIS.

Cosplay characters

Doctor Who Tardis and Cosplay

Customers were really impressed with Oxfam’s good selection of dresses, Adventure Time jackets, Marvel bags and Superhero t-shirts.

Here are some of my favourite picks from Oxfam’s donated range:

Smurf top and marvel bag and hoodie

Marvel top and cos play

We really enjoyed going to our first Geek Fest and loved to see the kind of fashion people were into. We hope to do similar events in the future. We would like to thank everyone who either donated or bought an item from Oxfam.



 The GeekFest Guests

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Preparing for GeekFest                                              Fantastic Fashion and Where to Find It

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Yorkshire GeekFest 2017

After the success of the first ever Yorkshire GeekFest in 2016, it’s back; bigger and better on 4th March 2017! 

Held at Elsecar Heritage Centre near Barnsley, just off the M1, Junction 35 Northbound or Junction 36 Southbound, it’s easily accessible by car.

Last year’s guest appearances from TV and film proved to be a massive success with stars from Game of Thrones, Dr Who and James Bond, to name a few.

The Oxfam Festival Shop will make its debut appearance at this year’s Geek Festival and we’re really excited about bringing our carefully selected clothes and accessories to the event.

This year, guest appearances include: Mel Pickup (Star Wars), Martin Ballantyne (Harry Potter), Pam Rose (Superman), Miltos Yerolemou (Game of Thrones) and Norman Lovett (Red Dwarf). So, it’s going to be a fun packed day for all age groups!

The Oxfam Festival Shop will be full of colourful surprises, carefully picked for the festival, including T-shirts of comic book heroes, a range of gothic clothing, cos-play, cult classics and multi coloured leg-wear.

This is a festival for the quirky, unique, mad, bad and slightly crazy people who love to dress differently and express themselves. If this sounds like you, come and visit the Oxfam shop and see for yourself!

Rest assured, every purchase you make directly funds Oxfam’s humanitarian work. Below are some examples of how your money could be used on one of Oxfam’s projects.

  • £5.00 could buy a goat for a family.
  • £20.00 could buy two toilets.
  • £42.00 could help provide water for three villages.

We won’t live with poverty


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DIY Decoupage Superhero Shoes                               Male Character Dressing Up Ideas

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