Winners of Oxfam vintage fashion competition revealed. See the stylish shots now…

Four fashionistas, each with a passion for vintage, have won Oxfam’s competition to find its faces of decades of vintage fashion #VintageFaceAndStyle.

The women, all respected fashion bloggers, showcase the looks of 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s in photographs viewable on the Oxfam Online Shop.

The images, which encapsulate the looks of each era, were taken by leading photographer Benjamin Tietge at Oxfam’s huge recycling hub Wastesaver in West Yorkshire. Make-up was by celebrity stylist Rosie Lewis. Andrew Williams Senior Stylist at Nicky Clarke worked the hair.

The Daily Telegraph’s Senior Fashion News and Features Editor Victoria Moss, herself a dedicated and discerning vintage fashion fan, judged the competition.

Victoria chose: 1950s Nora Thoeng, 29,; 1960s Sarah Brewer, 28,; 1970s Leigh Travers, 25,; and 1980s Kristin McIlquham, 35,

“Fashion is currently having a love affair with mid century colours and inspirations,” said Victoria. “Sarah has a brilliant and enviable grasp of sixties style and her look feels current. Leigh’s look clearly takes inspiration from the 70s but feels very now as well, which is clever.”

All four winners were delighted to be picked. Nora, a molecular biologist researching motor neurone disease, even wears 1950s clothes to the lab.
“I wear vintage full time but since I’m a scientist I don’t wear my favourite vintage clothes to work because it can get messy in the lab. The 1950s is the most popular vintage decade – it never really left. You still see the 50s silhouette in modern fashion – the small waist and full circle skirt. It’s very elegant and feminine. You still see it on the runway of Christian Dior,” she said.

Kristin spends her spare time in charity shops. “Dedicate a day to vintage shopping. If you’ve never done it before, take a chance. Pick one shirt because you love the colour,” she advises.

Oxfam has more than 670 high street shops and the huge Oxfam Online Shop, which raise crucial funds for Oxfam’s work fighting poverty and suffering across the globe.

Many shops have vintage sections, while the Oxfam Online Shop is a virtual world where fashion lovers and collectors discover treasures from the past at amazing prices to create looks that are totally on trend.

Richard Saint, Oxfam Senior E-Commerce Product Manager said, “Our four winners are super stylish and influential women who share their flair and passion for vintage on social media. They rely on charity shops to create their looks. The Oxfam Online Shop is a huge virtual department store where shoppers can time travel at their leisure and find items from yesteryear and yesterday to mix and create looks that are bang up to date.”

For more information and interviews contact Emma Fabian, Press Officer 01865 47 2193,

Notes to Editors

Oxfam is a global movement of people all working towards the same goal – an end to the injustice of poverty. Together we save and rebuild lives in disasters, help people earn a living, and speak out on the big issues, like inequality and climate change, that keep people poor. And we won’t stop until we get there. Join us!

• For every £1 donated to Oxfam, 84p goes directly on emergency, development and campaigning work, 8p is spent on support costs, and 8p is invested to generate future revenue.

Oxfam Online Shop is the UK’s biggest charity shop with thousands of unique treasures all in one place, from the Oxfam Unwrapped range of charity gifts to more than 100,000 unique second-hand items. There are over 50,000 books, more than 23,000 women’s clothing and accessories items, 13,000 music products, films and video games and 6,000 items of homewares and collectibles. Oxfam shops across the country upload new items to the site every day, and volunteers at two central hubs, based in Milton Keynes and Batley,
Yorkshire, upload thousands of new items a week.

• Wastesaver is Oxfam’s central hub for all things vintage. It’s where unique clothing donations – from high street fashion to vintage gems – are sorted and listed online. Oxfam’s individual high street shops also list donations online, from designer labels to signed books and second-hand cameras.

• Victoria Moss is Senior Fashion News and Features Editor at the Daily Telegraph. Previously she was Acting Fashion Features Director at Marie Claire and Fashion Features Editor at Instyle. Victoria writes a regular column at Instyle.

• Photographer Benjamin Tietge was Mario Testino’s former first assistant and has also worked with Annie Leibovitz.

• Rosie Lewis is a QVC presenter who has made up faces from Hollywood to Brentwood and even the Prime Minister.

• Andrew Williams is Senior Stylist at Nicky Clarke’s salons.

SS16 Update: The New White Shirt

The classic white shirt has always been a key part of any wardrobe – dressed up with smart jeans and heels, worn casually oversized, or channelling a retro feel tied at the waist and teamed with shorts or a pencil skirt.

For the coming Spring/Summer season, however, we’re seeing the white shirt take centre stage, reinvented in new and innovative ways by brands, bloggers and street style stars. The great thing about this trend? You don’t have to spend a fortune – ‘shop your wardrobe’ and DIY your own unique updates, or read on for our favourites from Oxfam’s online shop.

1. Party in the back

DIY by A Pair and A Spare and street style from The Style HQ

This is a trend that’s been all over street style Instagram feeds and is now starting to be picked up by DIY bloggers everywhere. Oversized shirts work well reversed and tied in a loop at the back, or for a more tailored look, cut a slit up the back of your shirt, fold the raw edges over and iron flat before hemming with a needle and thread.

2. Get creative with your collar

Examples from Miss Patina, Asos and Etsy

Shirt collars have become statement pieces in their own right over the last few years, but for SS16 they’ve had a personalised update. Show your artistic side through a cat design or scalloped edge (hem it with tiny stitches), or create your own mini masterpiece like the example on the right with a permanent marker and fabric paints.

3. Play with proportions

Cropped looks from Nasty Gal and street style from Pinterest

Jersey crop tops were everywhere in SS15, and now the trend has spread to more tailored pieces, teamed with smart trousers or a circle skirt. This is one of the simplest DIYs to update a shirt you already own: measure how short you want it to be, lie it flat on the floor and mark with pins before cutting around in a straight line. Fold the raw edge over, iron flat and then hem with a needle and thread.

Get the look:

Check out Oxfam’s selection of classic white shirts, including our favourites below, or mix up your look with different colours and prints.

1. Best of British – this M&S shirt (£12) is the perfect blank canvas for all your DIY ideas.


2. This Alexander McQueen shirt (£55) is not only by an amazing brand, but also ticks off another trend for SS16 – the ‘cold shoulder’.


 3. A classic shirt by a classic designer – own this Ralph Lauren piece for only £19.99!

This blog is the first to be written by Beth Greenaway, a new Oxfam Fashion blogger. Beth also writes for THE GREEN SCENE, part of a wider #slowfashion movement which promotes sustainable values and shows that you can still look stylish doing it!

Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

Clothes Show Live: Style Spotted

Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

This weekend we were at Clothes Show Live and the fashionista’s were out in force! Check out some of our style spots…

Charlotte Sykes wears all vintage. She doesn’t think too much about style but instead tends to just throw things together- we think this method is working very well for her! Loving the hat!

Naomi Mullings tells us how she likes to dress simply and then bling up her outfits with lots of statement jewellery. We love her simply polka-dot shirt and jeans combo!

Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

Daniella Verrilla from Shrewsbury wears clashing patterns, chunky faux-fur and leather- some of our absolute faves!

Harley Howitt-Smith likes to shop in charity shops and find things from her Nana’s wardrobe. Her advice to shoppers is to be true to yourself- as long as you like it, that’s all that matters! We are loving her monochrome look!

Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

Danielle lawson, an Oxfam volunteer, likes to make a lot of her own clothes. Her advice to shoppers is to be unique and find things that no one else has. She likes to shop in Oxfam, her local factory seconds store and vintage clothes shops. She is also setting up an upcycling website:

Rosie Bishop looks stunning and elegant in her hand made headband. her advice to shoppers is to follow the heart… Looking angelic Rosie!

Go to the Oxfam Online Shop

Here are some of our other style spots : )

The Oxfam Festival Shop 2013 Round Up

Shop festival fashion

Now Summer is officially over and we’re wrapped up in our scarves and coats, we’re taking a bit of time to reflect on the fantastic Summer the Oxfam Festival Shop had.

After a grand total of…

8 festivals

97 volunteers

56 days away

10 festival shops

31 days trading

… the shop team have raised a whopping £288,000 for Oxfam!

The journey began at Royal Windsor Horse Show – in the Queen’s garden we sold a Mulberry bag for £225, our highest priced item all season!

Across the pond the team set off to Isle of Wight Festival. Over half the team were brand new to the festival shop at IOW so don’t be afraid to try something new, you will meet lots of lovely volunteers.

Next stop, returning after a year break, Glastonbury was back with a bang. This festival saw the birth of the Pom Pom Palace, a shop dedicated to blankets hand knitted by volunteers and all three shops made a record breaking £22,500 in one day.

Latitude was the hottest festival of the season, luckily the volunteer team had a sneaky paddling pool out the back to keep cool!

WOMAD and Kendal Calling fell on the same weekend with an equally spectacular shop at each. WOMAD had a fashion show put on everyday featuring the shop and campaigns team strutting their stuff in Oxfam Festival Shop clothes. 

It was only our second year at Kendal Calling and we saw lots of faces happy to see our waterproofs when it rained like only it can in the Lake District.

Next stop was a very rainy Leeds festival – the muddiest festival of the season! The shop sold 2,700 pairs of wellies and was up 78% on the previous year takings £66k – so busy!

The last stop on the Festival Shop travels was Bestival where scurvy sailors and magical mermaids stocked up on lots of suits and sparkle in line with the festival’s nautical theme. The festival shop looking ship shape to fit in with the HMS theme with volunteer-made bunting and ‘mermaid wear’

Team fash has been lucky to join the fantastic shop on its Summer expeditions and it was great to be welcomed into such a fun and friendly team. Here’s what three of our shop volunteer’s had to say about their Summer with the Oxfam Festival Shop…

Louise Adamson is a Shop Volunteer in Oxfam Richmond, Surrey and said:

This summer was the first time that I worked in the Festival Shop for Oxfam and I was really excited to be picked to work at WOMAD and Bestival. Working in the Festival Shop was a really enjoyable and inspiring experience.  It was great to be part of such a lovely team and to know how much money we were raising to support Oxfam’s work.   Highlights included taking part in the fashion show at WOMAD, sorting numerous wellingtons into pairs and finding warm coats and jumpers for festival goers who’d been out in the rain at Bestival.  I
also enjoyed chatting to customers about Oxfam’s work and encouraging them to visit their local Oxfam when they got home. As I spoke to them I realised that these Festival Shops have a really valuable role in raising Oxfam’s profile.  Soaking up the atmosphere of the two festivals was great fun too and I even got to see some of the acts.  I’ll be taking back lots of ideas from my Festival summer to the shop and the other volunteers at Oxfam Richmond.   All in all, this was a great experience and the most inspiring thing of all was to know that the Shops
raised such a fantastic amount of money for Oxfam.

Padraig Spillane is also a Shop Volunteer at Oxfam Blandford, Dorset. He said:

Working in the Festival Shop this summer had been a great experience, fun and satisfying! At the beginning of the year I was new to my Oxfam shop in Blandford, learning a large amount in a short space of time. The festival shop expanded and sped this up, using the skills I have despite not having vast experience. This trust has been priceless and has allowed me to gain great working experience. In addition to this, it was wonderful how easy it was to become a part of the team. It has also provided a unique way of meeting and changing customer perceptions of Oxfam
through engaging with such diverse customer base. It has been the best summer I’ve ever had and I’ve loved all its ups and downs from the sunshine at Latitude and Glastonbury to the mud and rain at Leeds!

Matt Evans from Leeds is a Festival Shop team regular and said:

2013 was my seventh season volunteering with the Oxfam festival shop – it is increasingly difficult to imagine a summer without it. As always, volunteering in the festival shop was characterised by a combination of hard work, fun, mud and coffee – with the overarching theme of raising money and awareness for Oxfam present throughout. It is always good to meet new people and it is especially encouraging to meet people in local Oxfam shops who have become regular customers or volunteers after going to the festival shop.

Huge thanks and high fives to everyone involved in this Summer’s events and to all who visited the fabulous Oxfam Festival Shop. Huge CONGRATULATIONS to the Oxfam Festival Shop team for a great grand total of £288,000!

The Best of Bestival

Bestival prides itself on being one of the most unique events in the UK’s Summer season. The entire festival is built within the serene and blissful rolling hills upon the Isle of Wight and each year thousands arrive dressed according to the festival’s fab fancy dress theme. There are loads of gorgeous areas to explore with weird and wonderful stages, buildings, marquees and decoration.

The passion and artistry transports you into another world. Cabaret, comedy and spoken word have also taken centre stage this weekend. Since Thursday, revellers have been making their own entertainment with their elaborate nautical costume and a great deal of care and dedication goes into making each one.

Bestival 2013

We love the intricate detail that appears at most of the themed stages onsite. The nautical themed Port Stage, a life size replica of a funnel ship built from scratch, had the likes of Annie Mac, Carl Cox, Fake Blood and many star studded DJ’s appearing throughout the weekend.

Bestival Boat

The Bollywood arena was one of the most colourful and vibrant areas of the festival site. Each stage and bar was created with an Indian flavour. The art installations have just as much character as this year’s headline artists.

Bollywood Sign

This Bollywood Bus looked fantastic.

Bollywood Bus

As soon as the sun sets, Bestival’s ethereal character begins to evolve. At night the peculiar surroundings look stunning. There are beautiful structures such as the neon ‘Bird House’, each one as interactive as the next. Chill out zones like the pod cafe offer a moment of peace and relaxation.

Bestival 2013

There are loads of independent shops and fashion boutique stalls to visit throughout the day, whist your shaking off the hangover. The Secret Emporium provided an array of stalls selling all sorts of cute fashion items. We went in search for the best in festival fashion.

Secret Emporium

Ellie K from Brighton runs the Feathered Fantasy stall and we loved her fab collection of handmade feather hats.  The beautifully quirky designs suited Bestival’s otherworldly vibe. Ellie makes each one in her home town and sells online whilst touring festivals throughout the UK.

Feathered Fantasy

If it’s accessories your after then you’re in for a treat . Original Statement Jewellery were selling gorgeous handmade necklaces and earrings.

Secret Emporium

We couldn’t resist these cute cat necklaces.  

Secret Emporium

Simi Adydee from the Henna Den certainly added some artistic flare to the weekends events. The Henna Den was pitched up and packed full of people waiting for their Henna moment.

The Henna Den

The Bestival parade is one of the most unusual yet stunning twists to any UK festival. A long line of floats, dancers and performers winded their way through the festival site on Saturday afternoon, entertaining passersby.  


The atmosphere reflects the passion that people have for Bestival and an almost cult following, similar to that of Glastonbury. The same intricate detail is present at the parade and it offers entertainment for all ages.


Oxfam’s Festival Shop has been teaming with eager fasionistas since Thursday, all hungry for gorgeous garments. There have been loads of fab items on sale this weekend and the shop have worked tirelessly to supply the coolest summer festival with cutting edge clobber.

Oxfam Shop

The shop has everything, from mermaid inspired sparkle to cute high end brands, there is something for everyone.

Oxfam Shop

To show off the best items from this year’s collection, our lovely shop volunteers put on a fabulous fashion show. Each garment was modelled by our fantastic shop staff, joining in with the spirit of Bestival 2013.

Fashion Show

There was a wide range of styles for girls and boys. We loved Karen’s 1960’s retro mustard colour dress, with lace collar and Nenna’s silver sparkle.  

Fashion Show

Street Style is a prominent feature at Bestival and festival reveller’s do their best to look good. Despite the rain and mud, punters always wear cutting edge items some of which were sourced in charity shops. We were delighted to bump into so many people that had bought their entire outfit from charity stores throughout the UK.

Style Spot


Bestival Style Spotting

Shop festival fashion

We’ve had our share of rain and shine at Bestival this year and this has made for a great mash up of festival fashion. We’ve seen lots of bold prints, super shorts and quirky accessories along our Bestival travels and our favourites are showcased below.

The Oxfam Festival Shop has also been booming with happy customers picking up many a unique item to add to their festival wardrobe. There’s been plenty of nautical wear and mermaid fashion pieces in keeping with the festival’s HMS Bestival theme.

First on our Bestival style spotting selection is April who teamed a Summery yellow dress with white leggings and Chelsea boots.  “I find all my best stuff in charity shops. I have been to Bestival 3 times and I always come to the Oxfam shop,” she said.

Amanda from Bournemouth customised this fab sequin crop top from a dress purchased in her local Oxfam. A subtle hint of sequins is perfect for 2013 festival style.

Misha from Bucks rocked a cute playsuit, a popular look at this Summer’s festivals.

Charlie and Theo sported a chilled and casual festival look complete with the resurrected tie-dye trend. We love it!

Rebecca, Surya, Chrissy and Sarah are a bunch of super-stylish sailor ladies all the way from Australia/Bristol. Chrissy’s bright floral blouse is actually handmade by Fix Up Look Sharp and they’ve combined some great charity shop pieces in to their look too.

Amelia from Essex looks fab in this rock chick ensemble. Grunge is a massive trend this summer especially for festival goers.

Rachel from Hastings is rocking a statement accessory with this peacock feather capelet bought from another Bestival trader. She looks spectacular!

We spotted Jessica and Hayley whilst they were shopping in the Oxfam Festival Shop. It turns out Jessica’s granny volunteers in Oxfam Horsham too. Great charity shopping sense must run in the family. We love the girl’s cute patterned skirts which are totally on trend this festival season.

Bestival 2013 is Tina Wang’s first festival and we think she has festival style down to a tee, a tiger printed tee to be precise.

Kenny’s quirky, cut off style shows that the boys do festival fashion just as well as the girls at Bestival.

Daisy is wearing a gorgeous, Aztec print shift top bought from a charity shop which she has customised herself with more ribbon and colour. Great style!

Pravina picked up this great patterned jumper from the Oxfam Festival Shop, great for when the Summer rain popped in for a visit. We loved her feather  hair accessories and glittery make up too.

As soon as we saw Victoria’s statement shirt we knew we had to ‘style spot’ her. She looks fabulous in the retro 80s print with a cute leather bumbag adding to her throwback style.

Camilla and Miriam spiced up a cool shorts and tee look with floral headbands and face paint. We also love Miriam’s gorgeous patterned kimono, the chic outwear item of choice this Summer.

Nathan, Emma and James all look great whilst browsing in the Oxfam Festival Shop. We love the boys’ nautical themed shirts and Emma rocks a great, retro sweatshirt and shorts combo.

Drawn in by the fantastic feather headdresses, we loved Vicky’s boho style and a great vintage look from Ellie.

If you’ve missed out on the festival fashion fun this year why not recreate it at home and shop from our fantastic Festival Fashion edit on the Oxfam Online Shop.

Follow @OxfamFashion on Twitter and @OxfamShops on Instagram to see what else team fash have been up to lately.

Leeds Festival 2013 Style Icons: Jake Bugg

Shop festival fashion

We dedicate this last Leeds Festival style icon to the fabulous gents we style spotted at last year’s festival. 

Jake Bugg has taken the music scene by storm over the last couple of years and we love his indie/mod style. Pick up a check shirt and a pair of skinny jeans and you’re well on your way to recreating Bugg’s unique look.


To shop more of your festival look, see our Festival Fashion edit on the Oxfam Online Shop. Check out the @OxfamFashionTwitter and @OxfamShops Instagram for updates from Leeds Festival and the Oxfam Festival Shop.

Oxfam House Style Spotting


Izzie visited Oxfam House for a day on 6th August 2013 to gain work experience. When visiting team fash she went on a style spot and here are her selection of Oxfam’s stylish employees…

Louise Bridges: Marketing and communication executive

This red maxi skirt and black tank top are perfectly on trend for the end of summer as we move into the start of autumn.

Belle Sawford: Marketing acquisition executive.

This white chiffon top hangs neatly, contrasting well with the dark denim, working nicely together to create an outfit for a cooler summer’s day.

Inma Andres:

Buying Manager New Products

These cargo coloured trousers paired with theses more delicate shoes offer a loose summer look right on trend.

Suzanne Rodingues: Web Editorial in the Digital Communications team.

This print is the perfect style for a sophisticated summer look, paired nicely with these grey skinny jeans summing to a chic smart look.  

DIY Print Panelled Denim Shorts

Shop festival fashion

Festival season is in full swing and, with that, the denim trend continues. Denim shorts are the perfect starting point for any festival outfit and here’s how you can make yours stand out from the crowd.


Denim shorts 
Leopard print fabric or other fabric of choice (I used an A4 sheet of Leopard print felt) 
Iron-on adhesive (Make sure it’s one which is suitable for denim and your material)
Tracing/baking paper


Place the baking paper over one side of the denim shorts and outline the panel with a pencil. Make sure you draw around the edge of the pocket as you don’t want to seal the pocket. Don’t worry if the outline is bigger than the panel as you can always cut off any excess material later.


Use the baking paper template as a guide to cut out the same shape on the iron-on adhesive.


Pre-heat the iron to a silk setting and iron the iron-on adhesive, paper side up, onto the wrong side of your chosen fabric.


Leave to cool. This will allow the iron-on adhesive to bond to the fabric.


Once cooled, peel off the paper backing and cut away any excess material not covered by the iron-on adhesive.

Place the material onto the panel, right side up, and iron. If the panel is too big use a fabric scissors to cut off any excess material.

*Useful tips* Once bonded, it is best not to machine sew over the fabric due to the thickness of the adhesive. Hand wash in cool water.

Heading to a festival this summer? Check out the Oxfam Fashion blog to find out where we are and what we’re up to.

The Best of Kendal Calling 2013

Kendal Calling has been and gone but not forgotten, set in the beautiful Lake District at Lowther Deer Park. The event was a diverse mix of music, art, installations, kids activities, hula hooping and temperamental weather, of course. The Oxfam Festival Shop was on hand to make sure that all fashion needs were satisfied and the shop team worked through rain and shine to make the weekend a memorable one for all. Here’s some of the highlights…


The Oxfam Festival Shop was full of everything from the super stylish to the more practical items. There was vintage, fancy dress, wellies, waterproofs, accessories and more. The shop was headed by the fabulous Fran Tutt.


Everyone made a real effort with their outfits on site, ranging from festival chic, fancy dress to fun. Whatever people were wearing they kept it chic and unique. You can see a selection of the outfits above.


There was a diverse musical selection on the many stage spanning across the site, ranging from hip hop, indie, jazz, dance and more with something for everyone. The tipple taxi kept it small and intimate while the woodland area was full of mushrooms and dinosaur egg installations perfect for chilling out.


The site played host to many different stages, musical tastes and interests throughout the weekend. You were never too far away from good music, food or a fairground and if it all got too much then there was space to just sit back, relax and enjoy the surroundings. There were retail outlets, hula hooping, giant gingerbread house, compost toilets with graffiti doors, beautiful decoration, fairy lights and more, making Kendal Calling a festival to remember. 

You can check out more of The Oxfam festival shop action on @OxfamFashion or Instagram Oxfam Shops.