How festivals help Oxfam

Every year Oxfam Festivals raises an incredible total over the summer thanks to our hard-working, dedicated volunteers. We have thousands of stewards who are the eyes and ears of the festival supporting organiser to ensure the smooth running of their event. Then we have campaigners who are help stamp out poverty with every step they step walking around the festival site getting festival-goers involved in Oxfam’s live saving work. We also have our festival shops who bring some of the best second hand clothing to the UK’s festival audiences with everything from sparkles to wellies.

Every volunteer who gives their time to support Oxfam Festivals is making change not just for one weekend at a festival, but for life. Because every shift our volunteers do helps people all over the world to live their lives free from poverty.

Last year at a glance

Over 22.2 million people reached directly in 97 countries. 55% are women and girls.
800,000 people globally took online campaign actions.
Nearly 9 million people supported in 31 humanitarian emergencies.
We have worked with 3,515 partner organisations.
1.13 million people made a regular donation to us.

Oxfam in the UK

6 million supporters and 30,000 volunteers in the UK

Strong presence on UK high street with over 650 Oxfam shops

49% of the UK public claim they have supported Oxfam in the last 12 months through campaigning, donating or volunteering

2.3 million supporters in the UK took online actions to support our campaigns in 2016/17

For every £1 donated to Oxfam…


83p goes towards helping beat poverty worldwide


10p goes towards our running costs


7p goes towards raising the next £1

What Oxfam does:

Emergency response

People need help in an emergency, fast. We save lives swiftly delivering aid, support and protection. We help communities develop the capacity to cope with future crisis.

Development work

We fund long term development work to fight poverty in thousands of communities worldwide.

Campaigning for change

Poverty isn’t just about lack of resources. Oxfam’s campaigns and putting pressure on leaders for real lasting change.