Thank you from Oxfam Festivals!

A massive Oxfam Festivals THANK YOU  to everyone who donated their time with us this year! From stewards, to logistics, to shop volunteers, campaigners and our festival interns, we couldn’t have done it without you! Here’s a quick round-up of how you’ve helped Oxfam beat poverty this summer

Thanks to the hard-working volunteers who have collectively given over 100,000 hours of their time over the summer. By volunteering your time Oxfam Festivals are able to raise money that can help Oxfam’s fight towards ending poverty. By just giving a  small amount of time you have made a big difference. Given this, we believe its time to say …

THANK YOU  to all our passionate campaigners! Making your way around festival sites come rain or shine, asking people to spare some of their valuable music-watching time to hear how Oxfam provided clean drinking water to 5.5 million people last year, you’ve made us stop and think about how others still don’t have the essentials we take for granted. Taking part in our ‘Water For Life’  campaign this year you’ve spread the word to 11,000 people, with 6,000 of them signing up to hear more!

THANK YOU to our creative festival shop volunteers! With stalls tailored to each festival’s unique punters, you have enabled thousands of music lovers to look as wonderful and wacky as the festival gods intended. More than this, if you volunteered with shops this year then you’ve contributed to raising over £200,000! This is a huge amount of money, and we want you to know that all that time sorting stock and selling into the late hours has certainly not gone to waste.

THANK YOU to our non-stop logistics team! Working behind the scenes making sure we all have hot water for those vital cups of tea, setting up our staff camping and undertaking countless other crucial tasks, you are the unsung heroes of Oxfam Festivals. The cogs that run the machine, year on year you have ensured that anyone volunteering with Oxfam gets to experience a fun and well-prepared way to enjoy festivals. Thank you!

THANK YOU to our helpful stewards! As the backbone of Oxfam Festivals, the money raised from each of your shifts is what keeps us going. From supervisor to first-timer, at every level of our stewarding operation, you are fundamental. Checking wristbands, keeping an eye out for fires, monitoring viewing platforms and of course giving plenty of directions, you are the people that enable a festival to run smoothly.  Looking out for festival goers day and night, its fair to say that we could not have done it without you!

THANK YOU to our wonderful festival interns! This year the team have been supported by 7 interns across Admin, logistics, marketing and film. Our Admin interns Dan and Emmy were crucial in supporting staff and volunteers throughout the 2018 season. Each had a major project to look after with Dan ensuring all our volunteers were trained ahead of their festivals and Emmy took on the reasonable adjustments role to ensure that all our volunteers were able to access their chosen festival.

Whilst our logistics interns Tom and Elliot have done everything from packing our logistic vans for every festival to setting up before everyone gets to site. They have spent many hours in storage king with a constant smile on the faces and boundless amounts of energy!

Then we have Jo who has been our marketing intern supporting our social media, the running of our campaign and writing our fantastic blog posts (all but this paragraph!). Jo has also helped us recruit hundreds of new volunteers and has become an expert in applying glitter at festivals too!

Also, not to forget we also had some fantastic film interns Linn and Rose who helped us capture the essence of what Oxfam Festivals is at Common People, WOMAD, Bestival and Boomtown.

Finally…THANK YOU to the entire Oxfamily! With the addition of new festivals has come new volunteers. This summer a whopping 6,000 of you joined us across 21 festivals. Not only has Oxfam provided places at the most festivals ever, but more importantly you’ve taken them on in record numbers! With the largest amount of volunteers that Oxfam has experienced in Glastonbury’s absence, we can only thank you for your overwhelming support and dedication. Thank you for also creating such a warm and inviting atmosphere for your fellow festival goers and Oxfam volunteers alike.

As this article probably suggests, we simply cannot thank you enough. A sentiment that is best summed up by our Head of Festivals, Mike:

Check out the full blog written by Head of Festivals, Mike here

And on that note, from the field…

Oxbox Out!

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