What to pack for festivals this summer?

If you find packing for a festival a bit overwhelming, never fear! The Oxfam Festival Shop Team have compiled a simple checklist, with some of the items you’ll need for camping, sleeping and clothes to sleep you stylish, comfortable and dry!

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Useful websites for festival packing tips: 

Go Outdoors:  http://www.gooutdoors.co.uk/expert-advice/guide-to-a-successful-festival

Festival Safe: https://www.festivalsafe.com/information/be-prepared



  1. My useful packing tip which never lets me down is to have a supply of charity bags (piled up at your door) to help you cope through the festival(s) particularly when rain strikes. Good for storage of wet or dirty clothes, but also good for a clean surface (rare at Glasto) in or near the tent when eating, sitting on the ground if muddy, or trying to sort items in your tent in limited space. Clever recycling for items that otherwise take space by your front door. Charities never collect them up, unless filled.

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