Be part of the #Oxfamily in 2020

This month we asked our festival volunteers on Facebook “What has been your motivation for volunteering at festivals with us at Oxfam?”

You can see the answers below. In our experience, while lots of volunteering originally sign up as a way to experience the music whilst giving their time, they meet like-minded people in the Oxfamily, and end up coming back year on year to see their friends. If you are new to Oxfam, we hope you are excited about joining us as a steward, shop volunteer or campaigner at festivals next summer. 

We also asked our volunteers what their personal stories and motivations are! See some lovely quotes below from some of our long term volunteers. 


“As a student I don’t have any money to donate (haha) but I have time to give and so I’m able to make a difference in the world whilst getting to enjoy my favourite music, discover more artists, and meet new people at the same time!” 


“Also for me it’s experiencing how festivals work behind the scenes, both logistically and creatively.” 


“I wanted to find a way to get into volunteering to help raise money for an excellent cause. So I figured, if I could do that, doing something I love, like going to festivals, it was a bit of a no brainer. It was a little daunting going to my first festival (on my own), but it was ok. I wouldn’t say I loved that first one (Bestival 2012) but [it] did lay the foundations for the years to follow.

On arriving at my second festival, I bumped into someone I’d met at Bestival and the rest as they say, is history!! I’ve not volunteered at a festival since where I’ve not been surrounded by familiar faces and

I’ve now been to 45 festivals with Oxfam and can’t wait to get back in a field in 2020” 


“For me it enables me to attend festivals as I would otherwise have to go on my own (which I wouldn’t be keen on) [and] as a result I’ve met some great folk, some of whom I am still in touch with. So as well as doing something useful and positive (as [I’m] now retired), I get to check out new bands and keep young at heart” 


“When I started in 2006, it was about getting to a festival. What keeps me coming back every year is the Oxfamily, and the wonderful people you meet every year” 


“For me it’s the whole package. Access to festivals, good camping facilities, working for a great cause, the Oxfamily, work that’s fun to do, meeting lovely people, helping others to enjoy the experience, seeing behind the scenes, etc, etc. 

We’re older stewards and really enjoy working with and meeting people from all ages and all backgrounds. Can’t recommend it enough!!” 


I wanted to go to Glastonbury before I reached 50. [a friend] I worked with had been volunteering for Oxfam for years and suggested that I should give it a go, so I dipped my toe into Boardmasters in 2015. None of my other friends were interested in festivals at all so I figured Oxfam was a good way to do it solo. Like [another steward] I was a bit unsure and I wouldn’t say it was the best experience ever, but it was plenty good enough to give it another go. After getting lucky in the 2016 fastest finger first I headed off to the wettest Glastonbury in years, bumped into a few people who I’d met at Boardies the previous year and had a great time. I’ve been to all the Glastonbury and Boardmasters since – it’d be great to do more but that’s probably a thing for retirement.” 

Want to share your story about how you got involved in volunteering at festivals with Oxfam and motivations to come back each year? Email them to

Don’t forget to keep up to date via our ‘Oxfam Festivals Chat‘ on Facebook as well as this blog.


  1. I am excited about volunteering for the first time in 2020. The friends who I have previously gone to festivals with are dropping by the wayside but I still love the atmosphere, so volunteering is a great way to help a good cause while experiencing the music and great vibe

    1. Hi Sue, we look forward to you joining us next summer! It’s a great way to meet new people, see a different side of the festival and raise money for Oxfam. -Zara

  2. Some really lovely comments from all sorts of people who have helped Oxfam at the festivals. The wife and I have done a number of festivals over the years but for some unknown reason never helped Oxfam. I very much hope that we can both change this problem in 2020.

  3. I have thought about doing this for years but this is the first year my circumstances have allowed it. My wife isn’t interested so I thought I would give it a go. I post again if I get to a festival.

  4. Sounds amazing, we have supported Oxfam financially for many years it would to combine our love of music and helping a cause that is close to our hearts. We are semi retired so have time on our hands and would love to join the oxfamily as volunteers.

    1. Hi Jane, sounds fantastic and we hope you will join us as a steward, campaigner or shop volunteer. We support lots of festivals all over the country so no doubt there will be one that is perfect for you. You will also get to meet lots of new people and by volunteering your time you help raise money for Oxfam’s vital work. Thanks Zara

  5. I want to be part of a unique experience. Helping out and meeting new people is what I hope to do. Plus the buzzing atmosphere and British Summer time

  6. Yep Oxfam is a great charity, hopefully will get pick to help out at Glastonbury this year . And to help out to keep on raising money

  7. Ive never done any volunteer work before and I’d really like to give it a try. I’m a big music fan and i think that combination is amazing!

  8. Ever since my first Glastonbury I was a steward. My favourite part was having a role that helped people young, old and lost. Kneeling down and giving a lost young person a reassuring smile that we will find their Mum or Dad and getting on a walkie-talkie to sort out the situation leaving them in a safe environment and seeing them reunited warmed my heart and was a really rewarding feeling. Working at Glastonbury didn’t feel like work but like contributing positive energy to a huge tribal community. Good showers, food and camping spaces were provided. Volunteering here and other festivals would be a dream! As meeting new people from up and down the country or corners of the world is a wonderful feeling as the exchange of good vibes and knowledge is invaluable to me as I feel part of a wider global daily of good hearted people. Connecting to similar wavelengths is a soulfully enriching experience my heart yearns for.

  9. As I’m getting older I realise more about helping others, I always enjoyed going to festivals so to me it’s a great idea to combine the two. Hopefully start of a good thing. X

    1. Hi Lisa, thanks for your comment! Volunteering with Oxfam will allow you to gain crew access to the festival, meet lots of new people and but also help Oxfam raise money to help beat poverty for good. We hope to see you next summer! Thanks Zara

  10. I have registered to volunteer for 2020 but have not had any updates on what is available, festivals and jobs. Have I missed something?

    1. Hi Jayne, thank you for registering an interest. We will be confirming when applications will be opening and the festivals we will be attending in the coming months. We will be announcing this via email and on our social media platforms too. We hope you will be joining us next summer! Thanks, Zara

  11. Hoping to volunteer with Oxfam in 2020. The feedback from those that do looks great.
    I had a taste of this earlier in the year with Festival Angels at Kendal Calling – time to take it up a notch !!
    Merry Xmas all.

  12. I’m a massive music fan, and I love to do my bit to help others too! I’d love to volunteer at a festival this summer. I’ve registered but haven’t heard anything yet about applications – can I expect to see an email in my inbox soon?!


    1. Hi Frankie, have you registered an account (here: or have you registered your interest (here:
      Registering interest allows us to email you updates with important information. Signing up for an account is how you apply for the festivals you want to volunteer at. Our applications are not yet open so by registering your interest we can keep you up to date as to when this will happen.
      All the information is also announced, as and when, on our facebook page:
      Best wishes, Sam – Oxfam Festivals Team

  13. Hi I’d really like to help at Latitude. Is it possible to work with my daughter or friend? Would be a great way to spend time with them as well as listening to great music and helping a good cause.

    1. Hi Susan. That’s great to hear! Yes, when you apply, once you have selected your festival and paid your deposit you can add “shift partners”. These are other applicants that you would like to work at the same time to. We cannot guarantee you will be working on the same position, although this is likely, but we can guarantee that you have the same free time as them.
      The application information can be found here:
      If you register your interest here: we will keep you up to date as to when our applications for the festivals will launch.
      Please note we are not quite open for applications yet.
      Best wishes, Sam – Oxfam Festivals Team

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