Top tips on shopping second-hand clothing

Now shops have opened back up, we really wanted to share some top tips on shopping second-hand from our festival shop managers and volunteers! As we gradually come out of lockdown, we are now able to go out and see friends and family and FINALLY be able to get out of our loungewear and put something dressy on. Some of you may now be looking for something new to go out in and why not? We deserve it. So why not shop for your new look second-hand? We have shared some favourite finds from our festival shop that may even catch your eye!

Fran – Festival Shop Manager

This t-shirt is one of my favourite finds from the Oxfam festival shop, as I love cats, Metallica and puns so this is the purrrrfect combination!


Are you also a cat lover? We have one in stock on our ASOS Marketplace page – Click here

And we have many band t-shirts too but this one is one of my favs! Click here

My top tips would be to make a day of it and see how many charity shops are in your local area and spend the whole day rummaging, you’ll soon find something you like. I would also suggest you go with friends and let them know if there is anything you are looking for, the more eyes the better! However, if you can’t get to the shops, try online. Oxfam has an online shop, Depop and ASOS Marketplace shop so you can get gems delivered to your door (just as simple as you would get from a fast fashion shop).

If it doesn’t work with your wardrobe or you don’t end up wearing it, please re-donate back to the charity shop so that someone else can enjoy it. You can also post your donations here.

Megan – Festival shop deputy manager

Shopping second-hand can be just as on trend, as well as being unique and sustainable! For example, if you see that leather/faux leather trousers that are trending in fast fashion retailers and you’re interested in buying some, why not just buy the originals second-hand (or vintage)? Rather than buying from somewhere that has copied the originals anyway? That way they’ll not only be saved from landfill, but they’ll probably be a ‘one off’ rather than what everyone else is wearing!

Here, I am wearing some vintage leather trousers that I bought second-hand, and my shirt is also second-hand (shirts are a great staple piece and charity shops are usually flooded with them).


I always search charity shops first, whether that be in-store or online. I’ll also look at other second-hand sellers/sites, and guaranteed I’ll find what I’m looking for, with no need to buy new! Usually cheaper too, plus if you’re like me and have a habit of spending, when you buy from a charity shop it takes all the guilt away! I just think of it like a donation, it’s a win-win!

So, my tips when shopping second-hand would be; invest in staple pieces, enjoy the search/hunt, and follow trends but buy the items second-hand/vintage.

Ben – Festival Shop Deputy Manager

I couldn’t just pick one favourite item, I just love jackets! They come in all shapes and sizes and a jacket can be found for all occasions. Whether you’re trekking up a huge mountain in an 80s Berghaus mera peak jacket in the howling rain or sitting outside the pub with your friends on a spring day in a lightweight Tommy Hilfiger jacket, or even trotting around a royal estate thinking you’re in an episode of the Crown in a 70s Barbour Solway Zipper, there really is a jacket for everyone! Look after your jacket and it will really last a lifetime, just like the World War 2 duffel coat I’m looking lovingly at in the picture below.


My top tips for buying vintage online are just check the measurements! There can be huge disparities between the sizes of clothing from different era’s and brands, if you’re in need of a new jacket get your tape measure out and measure up one of your old favourites from your wardrobe that fits just right! Most sellers of preloved clothing will provide the measurements of your potential new jacket, so compare this against your favourite piece to see if it will fit just right.

Amelia – Social Media and blogger volunteer

I’ve always found that the following tips have helped me when I’m shopping for second-hand clothes;

Be open-minded, chances are if you are looking for something in particular you’re probably not going to find the exact thing you want, and then you may be disappointed. You may surprise yourself with something that you wouldn’t have even thought would suit you but actually turns out to be your favourite thing (these are always the best buys). I would also suggest mixing new with old, try to stay away from looking too costume-y like you’re about to turn up to a party in an 80s fancy dress outfit. It is sometimes frustrating looking for vintage pieces because they are usually out of fashion so I would usually go for timeless fashion items, like this grey cardigan below, this way you can keep them for longer and usually you can put them with something more trendy at the time!


This item can be found here.

If you did want to go for something bold and it’s standing out to you in that second-hand shop you keep passing on your travels, then just go for it and style it with something simple! It’s always good to combine decades to make your ‘look’ unique!

And finally, if you’re new to second-hand shopping and it sounds a bit daunting to you, I would recommend starting simple, go for something that is small maybe a piece of jewellery or a bag and then you’ll get the feel of what to look for next!


Bag can be found here.

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