What we do at festivals


Love variety and adventure? Become an Oxfam steward, you’ll play a rewarding role in making sure every festival runs smoothly. You could be providing directions, checking wristbands, monitoring arenas and venues, or patrolling campsites. You’ll be on viewing platforms, up fire towers, or roaming around the site as part of the response team.

We ask you to do three shifts per festival, and each shift is eight hours long. You’ll usually do one day shift, one evening shift, and one night shift across the course of the event.

Stewarding is our largest operation, so if you have a favourite festival we are likely to have the most spaces in this role.


Love talking to the public? Volunteer as a campaigner to raise awareness of Oxfam’s work and inspire people to help beat poverty in creative and thought provoking ways.

In this role, you will normally do four daytime shifts, so the evenings will be yours to enjoy. Unlike stewarding there will be a telephone interview for selection of this role and there are a limited number of spaces.

Knowledge and passion of Oxfam’s work is desirable and you will need to be confident in inspiring the public. The campaign changes each year and you will be provided with supporting documents to help you in your role.

Shop volunteering

Love festival fashion? The Oxfam Festival Shop is a touring pop-up shop, filled with clothing gems to complete every festival goer’s outfit. We are looking for current Oxfam Shop Volunteers or Oxfam Staff with at least three months experience to help set up and run the shops (or have volunteered with the Festival Shop at 2 events previously in the last 5 years).

Your role will include:

  • unloading stock and merchandising the shop before the festival opens
  • 4 to 5 shifts × 6 hours a day during the trading window
  • cash handling and customer service
  • pack down at the end of the festival

There are a limited number of spaces and a telephone interview will follow your application and satisfactory references. The Festival Shop provides vital funds in our fight again global poverty.