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One Response to “Audio summary (8m) of FP2P posts, week beginning 17th December”
  1. Poverty in the world is a coincident , Poverty was created through chronic capitalism in connection with conservatism , which is about maintaining whatever systems in place whether exploitative or disadvantaging to others. conservatism is about keeping not expanding it other others , in such a systems the poor become poorer perpetually at the benefit the rich. The worse economic practices is the imposition of chronic capitalism associated with mass looting of natural resources from developing countries .
    Poverty will never be reduced .
    Poverty is a weaponised tools used to control the world psychologically , physically and emotionally, there is no way poverty will be annihilated , in my humble opinion, if poverty was something reduceable , reparation will be paid for slavery , at the bottom line the concept of poverty reduction is a joke , there white people endorse such strategy , all they work on is to loan poor country and they are indebted and well control for NGOs like OXFAM and others INGOS to take over the sovereignty of underdeveloped countries .Moreover, Poverty reduction will never come to fruition in the history of mankind , it is the imperialism works to steal from poor people and blame with problems by international rogues policies , to end extreme poverty ,reparation should be paid for slavery , remove unfair trade regulations , print universal currency and remove monopoly on the management of international organisations . while Africa is the richest continent in natural resources and economically strangulated by Imperialist European to fuel their economic, the questions is poverty and slavery are the pillar western imposed democracy? .lastly, European smuggled illegal weapons to Africa to cause chaos and confusion in return for land grabs and natural resources , no European countries has been brought to justice for illegal deals to kill innocent people .

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