Federer 4 Oxfam; Olympic (black) power; how (not) to criticize aid; crunch issues 4 arms trade; exciting accounting; informal institutions; democracy v growth: links I liked

TommieSmith£1,520, at odds of 66/1, that Roger Federer would win seven Wimbledon titles by 2019. Mr Newlife died in 2009 but left the betting slip to Oxfam in his will.’ Not only is Federer a gazillion times cooler than Andy Murray, but Oxfam netted £101,840 when he won Wimbledon last week. Does that ease the pain a little? Meanwhile, going back a bit: Tommie Smith on that clenched fist salute. “I wasn’t going to stand there with my hand on my heart while they played my country’s national anthem and then go back to life as a second-class citizen. So myself and John [Carlos] raised our fists in a silent, non-violent protest. It wasn’t for Black Power, it was for human rights and I suffered greatly for that moment. I never raced again, I couldn’t find a job and I struggled to finish my degree.” Robin Hood hats this time around? (see below – h/t Richard King for the photoshop) Robin BoltOwen Barder’s satirical lazy person’s guide to how to criticise aid:  (unfortunately, now he’s applying it to Oxfam….) Five crunch issues in the Arms Trade Treaty negotiations Why TNC country-by-country reporting is exciting accounting (no it’s not an oxymoron) ‘Whether we like them or not, informal governance institutions are here to stay. So why then are we afraid of engaging with them? And more importantly, how do we engage with them?’ Shandana Mohmand provides some fascinating examples of informal institutions at work, and the huge blind spot they represent for donors and NGOs. Does democracy stifle growth? MIT economist Yasheng Huang compares China and India and concludes the answer is ‘no’ in this 18m TED talk. This is supposed to be a surprise, but do you think TED would have shown it if he’d said the opposite? Selection bias is everywhere…… [h/t Gonzalo Fanjul] ]]>

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