Inspiring news on child mortality from Hans Rosling, showman extraordinaire

sword-swallowing days may be over, but Hans Rosling’s presentational skills are undiminished – who else would praise a UN report, but rip out one page that he doesn’t like, screw it into a ball, hurl it away and announce to a lecture theatre full of listeners, ‘it’s crap’? This time his topic is child mortality, with a brilliant overview of how we collect statistics, how to get child mortality rates down (educating girls accounts for fully half of the improvements), and a lot of good news on development. Fantastic stuff. For previous posts on his work, see here]]>

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One Response to “Inspiring news on child mortality from Hans Rosling, showman extraordinaire”
  1. Rosling deals primarily in describing data in interesting ways, but not making inference on causality.
    So, when he says “education explains half of this relationship”, that isn’t the same thing as saying “Education *causes* this reduction,” which is what you are implying.
    We can think of lots of ways why it might, but also lots of reasons why the relationship might be spurious.

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