Links I liked

Highlights from last week’s tweets (and more displacement activity for Monday morning). Follow @fp2p if you want the rest, including piles of much more worthy and serious development type stuff

No hat tip to Ian Bray for circulating this, or to those of you who ‘favorited’ it on twitter. Sleep with one eye open, people….DG RIP

The Weekly Piketty (and a question for readers – what’s the best one page summary of the book itself, and of the rebuttals, and rebuttals of the rebuttals?)

So is global inequality rising or falling? This useful summary explains the apparently contradictory arguments and stats

Interesting Piketty review by Stephanie Flanders (former BBC economics editor, now kerchinging it at JP Morgan). She agrees with him on rising income inequality, but is more sceptical on his claims on wealth.

Some Oxfam Stuff

If you missed Undercover Boss with Oxfam GB’s CEO Mark Goldring stirring poo, rattling tins etc, or saw it and want to enjoy the wig one more time, watch here.

Check out ‘Unleash your inner David’. Powerful (and somewhat frenetic) new campaign video (3m) from Oxfam America

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]

Other Stuff

A wonderfully forensic rebuttal of the legal justifications for Israel’s attacks on Gaza

A great question from the invariably interesting ‘Campaign for Boring Development’: shouldn’t humanitarian aid come first in the queue for cash? It’s popular with politicians and the public, undoubtedly saves lives etc. In contrast, aid for long term development is less popular (especially with the Daily Mail) and its impact is much more contested.

By 2030, the death toll from traffic accidents outside rich countries is projected to rival that from HIV/AIDS (around 2 million) [h/t Conrad Hackett]

Girl Summit miscellany

Nigeria’s political elite is much more culpable than Boko Haram for letting down Nigeria’s girls, argues Exfamer Kevin Watkins, now ODI’s boss.

Women’s rights country by country – nice interactive graphic from the Guardian. It covers laws and institutions rather than real life, but still useful

And finally, Girl Rising’s simple, brilliant, short (1m) and inspiring video on girl’s education

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”][/youtube]



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