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The 7 deadly sins – online version ht Sony Kapoor.7 deadline online sins

Steven Pinker’s Ideas About Progress Are Fatally Flawed. These Eight Graphs Show Why.

There are 7 universal moral rules: love your family, help your group, return favours, be brave, defer to authority, be fair, respect others’ property. These are the same across all cultures, according to an analysis of ethics from 60 societies (600,000 words from over 600 sources). Ht Paul Kirby.

Israel has now killed more than 90 Palestinians in the past six weeks for approaching the fence it placed around Gaza, surpassing the total number of East Germans shot and killed for trying to scale the Berlin Wall from 1961 to 1989.

Over recent decades, the notion of rights has expanded to include ever more issues. Is it now time to include other species too? I was struck by this argument in Sapiens too.

‘The argumentative old git is back.’ Great to see George Monbiot back on his feet and over-sharing.

Indian girls receive less education, have poorer nutrition and get less medical attention than boys. Result? Discrimination kills 230,000 girls under five in India each year.

David Satterthwaite asks ‘Is urban development just too complicated for aid organizations?’

Yes, neoliberalism is a thing. Don’t let economists tell you otherwise. Well written and fairly convincing – what do people think?

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2 Responses to “Links I Liked”
  1. Ken Smith

    Maybe it’s too obvious and maybe this isn’t the place for moral reflections but isn’t the key question when the universal morality is “help your group”, exactly who is in your group and who isn’t ? Think that other moral teachers have pointed out that too.

  2. Pete

    It is mainly rural poverty and not gender discrimination that is killing girls (and boys) under the age of 5 in India.

    India’s overall under five mortality rate is ten times higher than western Europe. Within India, the rural rate is almost double the urban rate. Not surprisingly the most important factor is wealth, with the rate among poor families being 3 times higher than in wealthy families.

    On top of this, the gender disparity is ‘only’ 15%. If India succeeds in bringing the female mortality rate into line with boys, it will save about 150,000 girls (the headline number of 230,000 from 2000-2005 is already very out of date). If instead it reduces the rural rate to match the urban rate, or better, reduces the rate for all people to that of wealthy Indians then the numbers of girls (and boys) saved will be far far higher.

    The good news is that the headline figures have reduced by about 20% every five years over the last couple of decades.